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20 Whimsical Gem and Crystal Graphics for Brands & Bloggers

20 Whimsical Gem and Crystal Graphics for Brands & Bloggers
Lesley Yarbrough April 19, 2024 · 7 min read

From the glitter of a diamond tiara to the mystical powers of an amethyst crystal, gemstones, crystals, and other precious stones fascinate us with their beauty and mystery — and you can add a touch of that magic to design projects of all kinds with these whimsical gem and crystal graphic collections made with brands, bloggers, and designers in mind.

The Spiritual Scene Creator

The Spiritual Scene Creator collection from Wings of Design provides an array of visual elements for yoga teachers, tarot card readers, crystal healers, and other lightworkers to use in branding, blogging, and product creation. The collection includes more than 150 isolated crystals with and without shadows, a full set of Rider Waite tarot cards, 24 runes and other esoteric objects in both PSD and PNG files.

Pink Agate Illustrations & Textures

This collection of digitally created textures and illustrations by CatJello Graphics was inspired by the swirling patterns in geodes and agates. The Pink Agate collection features 10 non-seamless textures, 10 seamless patterns and 5 illustrations in lush pink tones laced with gold and rose gold veins for a romantic, elegant feel in blog posts, stationery, wedding invitations, and other projects.

Set of Geometric Crystals

This set of colored geometric crystals from Incomible includes a variety of geometric gemstone shapes in pastel gradients of turquoise, pink, and gold.  The collection includes 8 editable vector illustrations in JPG and EPS file formats for use in product design, packaging, and branding. All files are editable in Adobe Illustrator.

Zodiac Birthstones & Chakras

The Zodiac Birthstones and Chakras set from Polar Vectors features 37 vector images of zodiac birthstones, healing crystals and precious stones such as amber, jade, hematite, and obsidian. The collection also includes a set of chakra and moon phase illustrations for branding, package design, and blogging. All files are compatible with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Crystalline Watercolor Collection

Soft Muse Art’s Crystalline Watercolor Collection features 100 gemstone, floral, planet, and geometric elements in PSD and PNG formats for greeting cards, postcards, prints, and textiles. The set also includes 6 pre-made compositions and a bonus collection of 6 PNG and PSD seamless watercolor patterns.

Mineralogy Gems Crystals

The Mineralogy Gems Crystals collection by Enliven Designs is a set of 20 vintage mineral and gem clipart images, color corrected and with backgrounds removed for easy layering and editing in Adobe Photoshop. The collection comes as a single, high-resolution PNG file for use in prints, postcards, scrapbooking, and other design projects.

Handsketched Gemstones and Crystals

Larysa Zabrotskaya’s collection of hand-sketched gemstones and crystals includes 20 vector silhouettes and 20 vector facet elements in EPS and AI formats, plus a PNG file with all elements in a transparent background. All elements are editable in Adobe Illustrator for use in jewelry branding, wedding invitations, logos, and greeting cards.

Vector Outline Gems Collection

Exit Graphics Shop’s Vector Outline Gems Collection contains 9 black and white outline images of cut gemstones, plus a seamless pattern, for use in projects such as logos, packaging, invitations, cards, and blog posts. The collection includes all images in EPS, AI, PNG, and JPEG formats for editing in Adobe Illustrator.

Jewels Collection: Diamonds, Gems

The Jewels Collection by Onyx includes 30 vector outline images of gemstones and jewelry-related items including rings, earrings, and a ring box. The collection includes all files in high-resolution JPEG and EPS formats for use in designing packaging, branding materials, wedding invitations, or cards.

10 Malachite & Gold Mineral Textures

The Malachite & Gold Mineral Textures collection from CatJello features 10 textures inspired by the rich greens and golds of malachite, geodes, and gemstones. The collection includes 10 non-seamless, non-tiling textures in high-quality JPEG format to add elegance and vibrant color to projects such as logos, business cards, packaging, and lookbooks.

Brilliance | Prism Crystal Overlays

Nicola Harger’s collection of prism crystal overlays can add shine and brilliance to any design project. The realistic looking overlays in this collection have been photographed with a prism and natural light, and can be edited using Photoshop’s many blend modes and layer style options. The overlay set includes 12 high-resolution PNG files for use in branding, packaging, and more.

Magical & Abstract Collection

Qilli’s Magical and Abstract Collection features 192 different magical and arcane quotes, clipart and templates to add a whimsical, mystical touch to posters, prints, clothing, or packaging. The set also includes 24 seamless patterns, and comes in layered EPS, PNG, and JPG files for easy editing in most leading graphics software.

Moon Goddess Magic Design Kit

The Moon Goddess Magic Design Kit by Beauty Drops features an array of moon and nature-inspired design elements for adding a mystical, romantic touch to posters, packaging, cards and clothing. The set includes hand-drawn images, watercolor backgrounds, brushes, textures, and patterns in PNG and SVG formats compatible with most leading graphics software.

Magic Woman Feminine Pack

Alisovna’s Magic Woman Feminine Pack celebrates the feminine with 99 editable line illustrations in black, gold and white for invitations, logos, prints, clothing, or branding. The collection includes 17 feminine symbols plus 82 magic elements in each color, all in AI and EPS formats, plus a JPG preview and a PDF help file.

Crystals Vector Shapes

MalinaShop’s set of editable crystal vector shapes contains 12 isolated black and white crystal images for use in branding, clothing, packaging, cards, and other art and design projects — but MalinaShop asks that they not be used as magical or sacred symbols. The collection includes all files in high-resolution EPS, JPG, and PNG formats for editing in Illustrator or Photoshop.

Magic Hands and Crystals Set

Kondratya’s Magic Hands and Crystals Set of high-resolution vector objects, patterns, and backgrounds features hands with magical symbols, gemstones, stars, and other magical images in blue and pink tones for use in clothing, packaging, branding, and card design. The set comes in EPS, JPG and PNG file formats for editing with Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, and includes three pre-made compositions.

Magic & Mystery Collection

The Magic & Mystery Collection from Pixiejoo features 36 gold, black and white line art elements inspired by astrology, witchcraft, and the wonders of the universe. The collection includes tarot-inspired images, crystals, gemstones and arcane symbols from a variety of arcane traditions for use in logos, clothing design, branding, and stickers. The collection comes in editable EPS, PNG and PDF files compatible with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Photoshop Elements.

Modern Geode Gem Crystals

Fox & Bear’s collection of Modern Geode Gem Crystals features 33 very high-resolution macro photographs of geodes and gemstones, professionally lit and edited as cutout PNG files for use in branding, invitations, packaging, cards, and product design. All files come in both 72 DPI and 240 DPI versions and are editable in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.

Crystals Vector Illustration Set

The Crystals Vector Illustration Set from Skybox Creative features 12 unique images depicting the quartz crystal, revered since ancient times for its healing and magical properties. Each vector element uses pencil strokes for a natural, hand drawn look. The set includes black and white versions of each image in AI, EPS, and PNG formats for easy editing in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.

Crystal Crush — The Crystal Maker

Crystal Crush by OpiaDesigns is a mix-and-match crystal design kit that includes 20 crystal shapes that can be combined with a variety of painted backgrounds or used alone, plus 10 ready to use pre-painted crystal images. The set also comes with an instructional PDF that explains how to use Photoshop blending modes and textures to create an array of unique crystal designs for branding, invitations, packaging, and prints.

Precious stones and crystals have a magic and a mystery all their own. These gemstone and crystal collections have all the elements you need to add the whimsical feel of magic shows and carnival fortunetellers — or the mystery of ancient traditions — to all your design projects.

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