2013 Web Design Trends

The latest trends in web design reflect the ever-changing online world. As the world around us changes, the internet must change as well to meet up with demand. People want something new, fresh, crisp, and clean when it comes to web designs. Here, at Creative Market we think these are the hottest trends in web design for 2013.

Responsive Web Design (RWD)

With the influx of new and innovative mobile devices, we are also seeing the rise of responsive web designs. RWD allows users to better read and experience the web from their laptop or desktop, as well as, tablet and cell phone. Responsive web templates are designed to look great on a variety of different screen sizes, so anyone can view your site in a crisp and clear manner where ever they go.

Creative Market offers a multitude of responsive website designs and blog templates to help you create an awesome site, and share it with the world. Check out these selected responsive designs from Creative Market and more:

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Flat Design

A website with flat design lacks gradients, skeuomorphism, but incorporates solid colors, white space, and crisp typography. Windows 8 displays a completely crisp and flat design, but they aren't alone...2012 Year on Twitter, Lorenzo Verzini, January Creative, and Fitbit are all utilizing flat design.

Check out these trendy flat website templates from Creative Market to incorporate flat design into your site:

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The Parallax web design trend has grown in popularity because it creates an illusion of depth (or a faux-3D effect) as you scroll through the webpage. Various images on the site will move at different speeds or change in size or at dimension to the site. Sites like Piffle and Bagigia incorporate Parallax elements that are really cool and unique. In fact, Creative Market has a number of website templates that can help your site have the Parallax effect.

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Full-Screen Photo Launch Pages

If you want to convey a powerful message on your site, utilize a full-screen photo launch page. Your viewers will be immediately transported into another world of your creation. Sites like Spotify, Square, and Path all have full-screen photo landing pages, not only to provide their users with an emotional experience, but also to convey the main message of their product.

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Advanced Page Scrolling and Navigation

The navigation panels we have seen on certain apps are now being integrated into websites, because of their interactive nature. More and more websites are offering these enhanced scrolling and navigation panels to help users navigate websites in a fun and effective way. Creative Market offers a wide range of UI kits to help you create the ultimate navigation experience on your site.

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  1. Derek - Creativenauts

    The big issue with responsive design is that you don't have control over meta data for responsive mobile / tablet version of your website. The problem is that people have different search habits depending on the device that they are using. For example: People who search on their mobile phones generally use less words in the search box. This can have a huge impact for your organic SEO visibility. Hope this helps ;)

  2. Thomas James

    Nice review! Think all these treads will have their moment then fade away with the exception of responsive web design which is here to stay I think.


  3. Ana Segota

    great article, thank guys one more time for including our products, i appreciate it a lot :)

  4. Norris & Tanita

    A lovely article, and in my opinion sums up the current trends perfectly.
    Thanks for featuring our WP themes :)


  5. The Fireworks Police

    Working on a personal portfolio template that will combine flat design with 3D transition. This article provided me with some ideas. Thanks Maryam.

  6. Jaesi C

    That bagigia one is awesome! I love the parallax stuff. Flat designs and big images, I see those coming and going, yet always will be a part of web design. CSS Piffle, I read through that whole site and had fun with the process, yet when I got to the end, I still was clueless as to what they were about lol. I notice this at times, beautiful design, yet lack in effectively communicating the message. Strategy and communication FIRST, then cool, eye-catching designs to enhance the message.

  7. seo consultancy

    These trends are awesome and bagigia is mine favorite too. Great collection it is. :) This is quite a unique piece of information. i am really very very happy to find this post at this time when I am heading towards the designing of website of my new company. These are surely the best designs I have ever seen. I like it very much. Thank you..!!

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