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A Seasonal Event Calendar for Creative Market Shops

Looking for a calendar to inspire your promotion tactics? We created this one based on the seasonal interests Creative Market users have displayed over the years as well as general market trends.

Creative Market September 16, 2021 · 2 min read

Use this calendar to inspire your production and promotion tactics. We have created it based on a combination of the seasonal interest Creative Market users have displayed over the years as well as general market trends that affect our industry.

Note that certain months might be ideal to market certain products, but those products must actually be created in advance in order to be ready for sale when their seasonal rise comes. Therefore, our advice is to start creating and uploading products around one month in advance of their commercial peak.

To facilitate the planning process, you will find advice on when to “Create and Upload” and when to “Promote” certain seasonal design products below. In the “Promote” column, you’ll see a star ★ next to important events to plan your sales. Also worth noting is that a given season’s commercial peak doesn’t always coincide with the actual month in which its holiday takes place: Christmas products, for example, start getting popular around November, and have an unexpected surge in July.

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  • This is an incredibly helpful resource! Thank you so much. I'm sticking this on the wall next to my computer. 😊 3 years ago