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  • both are really bad 7 years ago
  • If it isn't broke don't fix it. The Logo is not what needed re-branding. Stick with ideas like the Design Lab, that was a good idea. 7 years ago
  • Sort of sloppy work on the re-make, if it had been done with some affection and a critical eye, it could have been great. 7 years ago
  • Lol definitely the cursive equivalent of comic sans. Terrible! 7 years ago
  • It depends, how much they payed for the remake :-) 7 years ago
  • Ugly 7 years ago
  • I love the old logo, but do think it needs an update. Just not this update - looks like an early sketch, not a finished logo. 7 years ago
  • They both look like they sell low-quality items - the old one because it's illegible and the newer one because it looks like a desperate attempt at being classy with a boring font. 7 years ago
  • 2015 is the year of "let's simplify our logo regardless to our brand identity and aesthetic". I still can't look at the Google logo and be ok with it neither. 7 years ago
  • I like it, looks handwritten. The old one is had to read. 7 years ago
  • Maybe it's 'Lord' or 'Taylor's' actual signature... in which case a real pen could have been used instead of a coki, and it could have been written about twenty times. Then a top designer could have combined them into something much more stylish. This reminds me of trawling through dozens of free font scripts and not finding a single one that is just 'right'. 7 years ago
  • I have to say the original was better. The new one looks more like something that's already on thousands of pop-rock music albums. The words "Taylor Swift" or "Avril Lavigne" would look good in that font - a great font. But the original? That's more unique, more befitting of a fashion brand. It had a "the one and only..." vibe to it. The new is okay, but it is generic. IT IS more readable though, I guess its just a matter of taste... 7 years ago
  • I remember seeing a Lord & Taylor store for the first time and saying, "what the h*ll is that?" because the logo was so illegible. It didn't peak my curiosity either. I don't like either one. 7 years ago
  • LOVE the old one --- ITS A CLASSIC -- Hate the new -- PLEASE TWEET Land T in protest!!!!! 6 years ago
  • Telling how unsuccessful this rebrand was. Didn't even know about it till now. That's how far off my map sharpie and Taylor 6 years ago