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Behind The Process of 10 Incredible Letterers

Kevin Whipps August 6, 2021 · 16 min read
Lettering is an artform that takes time to master, and one that some of us take for granted. That’s because nowadays we have lots of hand-lettered fonts out there to choose from, so why would we take the time to learn the art ourselves? Well, easy: to make our own lettering designs, right? And the best way to learn how to do it is to watch a letterer’s process and soak up his techniques. That’s learning from the masters right there. With that in mind, we’ve assembled 10 amazing letterers and their respective videos right here for you to enjoy. There are more of them out there, so keep an eye out for #lettering on Instagram for more works of art.

Seb Lester

Whether it’s on YouTube, Instagram or his website, Seb is making a name for himself as an amazing letterer, but if you’re like me, you may have seen him for the first time in this Casey Neistat video (forward to 0:54 for the good stuff): Watching him write with two Bic pens taped to each other is pretty spectacular, but when you give him the chance to use some legit tools, well, that’s even better. Just check out these videos from his YouTube page: Or these from his Instagram:

Move to the English countryside they said. It will be peaceful they said. [turn on sound]

A video posted by Seb Lester (@seblester) on

Seriously, from block letters to calligraphy and everything in between, this guy is a master.


Letterers come in all shapes and sizes, and they also use all sorts of mediums. On first glance at BusterDuque’s Instagram page, you might think that he was all about the hand work:

Resolviendo la Z. #lettering #flourished #letteringmalandro #catrink #elduque #script

A photo posted by BusterDuque (@busterduque) on

Las Viceladas. #lettering #letteringmalandro A photo posted by BusterDuque (@busterduque) on
But he’s also a master with other mediums, like skin:


A video posted by BusterDuque (@busterduque) on

Guerrero Vikingo. #inkinccentro #lettering #lettermangroup #letteringtattoo #oldenglishtattoo A video posted by BusterDuque (@busterduque) on
And spray paint:

Hand style. #handstyler #handstyle #elbuster

A video posted by BusterDuque (@busterduque) on

Sure, it may not be everyone’s style, but there’s no doubt here that this man has talent.
A video posted by BusterDuque (@busterduque) on

Art of Type

Want a collection of different letterers delivered to your social feeds? That’s the pitch with Art of Type (Facebook & Instagram). They have a ton of cool work out there, including videos like the ones included below. Seriously, it’s very cool stuff.
Sunday Funday!! ???? Beautiful process video by:@annerobincallig ___ Featured | @ArtofType #ArtofType A video posted by Art of Type™ (@artoftype) on

“Love is letting go of the perfect picture” ???????? By:@valeriemckeehan ___ Featured | @ArtofType #ArtofType

A video posted by Art of Type™ (@artoftype) on

May your day be filled with peace. ????✌ Artist:@seblester ___ Featured | @ArtofType #ArtofType A video posted by Art of Type™ (@artoftype) on


Leslie — that’s just the one name, like Madonna or Coolio — is dedicated to all things DIY and lettering, which you can find on her Instagram bio, just like we did. But she also runs a company named Bespoke By Leslie, which makes custom goods of all kinds for all sorts of customers. Of course, what we’re interested in is her lettering work, which is pretty stellar.

Lettering League

Whether you’re just getting into the field or you’re a seasoned pro, one Facebook group to consider is Lettering League. Or, if that type of thing isn’t your bag, just follow #letteringleague or their official Instagram page. This group was founded by designer Jenn Coyle, from You’ll find some great artists working their magic with pens and brushes, and they even repost other artists’ work.

Interruption! ???? ▶️ Check out this amazing video in the @surelysimplechallenge ! • The ????Surely Simple ???? Spotlight ✨ is on: ✨ @letteritwithlove✨• Go over to their feed for more art and lettering! • How to join the August FAVORITES challenge: 1️⃣ check the prompts list below (take a screenshot or repost ) 2️⃣ create your interpretation of the prompts for each day and use the tag #SimpleAlphabets when you upload your image/ video everyday! 3️⃣ You can join in anytime or do the prompts everyday for maximum creative benefit! 4️⃣tag me @surelysimpleblog @surelysimplechallenge so I don’t miss seeing your posts- and you might get featured! ???????? • Simple right? Let’s get to it! Stay creative! ????????-Aaria #letteringchallenge #brushpen #brushpens P.S. More features coming up!!

A video posted by Join #SimpleAlphabets! ????????????????✏️️ (@surelysimplechallenge) on

The Lettered Owl

The first one on our list with an Etsy page, The Lettered Owl is actually Kari Borg, who is pretty handy with the pen. The fact that she sells some of her work is pretty sweet, too. She’ll even get after it with a Crayola marker, as you’ll see here.

When I first started lettering, one of the hardest things for me to get used to was holding the pen at an angle – so, if you were to look at back of the pen while it is in your hand, is it angling to the side of the room – ideally a 45 degree angle – or is the pen pointing directly up (my normal handwriting style)? Holding the pen at the proper angle will not only assist in smooth lines and ability to control the pressure of your strokes and letter forms, but will ensure a longer life for your beloved brush pens. Want to know more?? Check out @piecescalligraphy – I would watch her tutorials and read her blog like a sponge when I first started!! ????Pentel Sign Fude Touch ???? #handlettering #letteringpractice #moderncalligraphy #pentelbrushpen #script #calligraphy #calligraphymasters #handmadefont #calligrafriends

A video posted by k a r i || r e n e (@the.lettered.owl) on

Kelly Klapstein

What’s great about Kelly Klapstein isn’t just that she’s good at lettering, it’s also that she teaches others how to do it as well. At her website,, she has tons of tutorials and cutouts for you to practice on. And sure, the site uses Papyrus as an accent font, but we’ll give her a pass on that one.

Pieces Calligraphy

Sharisse, the person behind Pieces Calligraphy, also teaches calligraphy while still finding time to put together a stunning Instagram page. So not only is following her an education, but it’s also fun to watch.

Electric Eunice

Eunice’s Instagram page is full of cool examples of lettering, but what sets her apart is some of the old school techniques that she’s bringing back to the forefront. The embossing video below is just one great example of this, as are a ton of others.

Hi friends! I’ve gotten so many sweet words and questions about embossing! It’s exciting to see embossing make a comeback as letterers have taken it to another level, but we can’t forget our paper crafters and scrapbookers that are the OGs of #embossing! ???? In this video, I’ve showcased the different products and steps I use for embossing ???????? • Ranger Embossing Brush Pen • Stampedous Embossing Powder • Darice Heat Tool • @Moleskin_world Cahier Journal 1. Write on paper or surface with embossing marker (it’s like a glue, but slides on like ink) 2. Drop embossing powder over written area, shift the powder around to make sure it covers all of the text, and then tap off the powder onto a paper or container where you can reuse the excess. 3. Using your heat tool, point it at your text a couple inches away, and watch the powder melt. Then move on to the next section. 4. Enjoy the magic and set your newly lettered piece aside to rest – even though it’s already dry, I like to do that just in case ???? Have so much fun, friends! ???? #lettering #handlettering #emboss #electriceunice #getitdone #calligraphy #moderncalligraphy #process_of_creativity #process #calligraphyvideo #electriceunicewrites #create #typography #typegang #typespire #artoftype #gold #moleskin

A video posted by Eunice (@electriceunice) on

Kevin Cantrell Studio

While a lot of the letterers we’ve featured here have worked with brushes or brushed pens, Kevin Cantrell’s work leans more towards the old school and very cool. And if you dig deeper into his work on his website, you’ll find even more great stuff to love.

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