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Comic Papyrus Renamed: The Scandal That Rocked The Font World

Creative Market March 31, 2021 · 1 min read

In an unexpected turn of events, the awesomely terrible font that’s taking the nation by storm, Comic Papyrus, has been abruptly renamed, “Comic Parchment.” We suspect some angry font lawyers were behind the name change, but we asked Comic Payru… uhh, Comic Parchment creator Ben Harman, and he had a slightly different explanation. Read his answer below.

What Happened?

Comic “Parchment” was mankind’s first genetically-engineered superfont, boasting typographic DNA from the two most revered fonts in existence: Comic Sans and [CENSORED].
However, in what was perhaps the typographic scandal of the century, [CENSORED] quickly fell from grace and became just another deadbeat dad, denying he was ever in a relationship with Comic Sans.
“I’m not the father!” claimed [CENSORED], who is suing for damages. “Cease and desist!”
Meanwhile, their love child, Comic “Parchment”, has changed his last name in an effort to avoid the public shame (and associated legal fees). He also hopes to save (type)face by ordering a paternity test. Regardless of the results, however, Comic Parchment is still one sexy bastard.
– Ben Harman, creator of Comic Parchment

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