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December Delights: Unveiling Creative Market’s Drop 22

Olivia Hoskin December 17, 2023 · 12 min read

Get ready to explore December’s Creative Market Drop, a curated collection of brilliant design assets that are free for our members to download. This month’s selection showcases the incredible talent of our Shop owners, featuring everything from custom fonts and vibrant illustrations to practical templates and aesthetically pleasing mockups. If you’re not yet a member, join now to unlock these treasures and save 20% on our entire catalog!

Dive into our blog to meet the creators behind these assets and add a professional flair to your projects. 

Party Animals Graphic Collection

Dive into the vibrant world of the Party Animals Graphic Collection, where playful illustrations meet whimsical charm. Designed by Olga Angelloz, this 100+ clip-arts & elements collection is perfect for adding a fun and energetic touch to any project.

MESA Social Media Kit

Elevate your social media game with the MESA Social Media Kit, a collection of 69 elegantly designed templates tailored for impactful online presence in your stories and your feed. Brought to you by Analogi Studio, experts in crafting visually stunning digital products.

Madface – Instagram Posts & Stories

With its creative and modern design approach, Madface offers a fresh take on Instagram content. Created by Andrew Skoch Design, these 18 PSD templates are perfect for anyone looking to add artistic flair to their social media.

Korge | Bold Slab Serif Logo Font

Korge is a bold slab serif font that perfectly blends bold contemporary style with an old-timey touch. Crafted by Ardana Creative, it’s ideal for making a strong statement in branding and design.

Howard – Ultra Condensed Sans Serif

Howard is an ultra-condensed sans serif font, offering a sleek and modern aesthetic for various design projects. This striking all-CAPS typeface was created by Artcoast Std., a designer known for blending contemporary style with functional design.

Letterhead & Business Card Mockup

Elevate your professional branding with this Letterhead & Business Card Mockup in Photoshop, designed to showcase your business materials with elegance and clarity. Callie Creative, who specializes in creating high-quality, realistic mockups, crafted this mockup.

Watercolor Flowers Collection

The Watercolor Flowers Collection is a breathtaking assembly of 25 hand-painted floral designs in PNG, perfect for adding a touch of nature’s beauty to any project. Brought to life by Cam’ Studio, an artist celebrated for her delicate and detailed watercolor work.

Brand & Marketing Template

The Brand & Marketing template of 30+ unique slides is essential for creating cohesive and effective brand materials. This comprehensive resource is provided by Design Council, known for their expertise in delivering professional design solutions.

Real Ink Block Texture Pack

Unleash creativity with the Real INK BLOCK Texture Pack, offering an array of authentic ink textures for a unique artistic touch. These textures are meticulously crafted by Design Hitman, an artist known for his exceptional skill in creating realistic and versatile design elements.

Vilanders – Vintage Stamp Font

Vilanders (3 styles typeface) brings a touch of retro elegance to any project with its vintage stamp font design. Created by Edignwn Type, this font perfectly blends nostalgia and charm, ideal for distinctive branding and creative projects.

Watercolor Lemons Flowers & Pattern

Brighten your designs with the Watercolor Lemons Flowers & Pattern collection, featuring vibrant and refreshing lemon-themed artwork. Crafted with care by Edith’s World, these watercolor designs are perfect for summer-themed projects and beyond.

Prism Procreate Brush Collection

The Prism Procreate Brush Collection is a versatile set of brushes designed to add a unique flair to digital artwork. Developed by Fire Spark Studio, these brushes are perfect for artists and designers looking to expand their digital toolset with creative and dynamic options.

Fun Cocktails Vector Illustration

Add a splash of joy to your designs with the Fun Cocktails Vector Illustration set, perfect for party invitations, menus, and more. These lively illustrations are created by Gem Portella, whose work is known for its vibrant and playful style.

50 Halftone Brushes for Procreate

Transform your digital artwork with the 50 Halftone Brushes for Procreate, offering a range of textures and patterns for a vintage or contemporary look. Brought to you by Grallys Supply Co., these brushes are a favorite among digital artists for their versatility and quality.

Modern Project Proposal Presentation

Craft compelling project proposals with the Modern Project Proposal Presentation template, designed to impress and engage. This professional and sleek template is the creation of Guuver, known for their expertise in designing impactful presentation and marketing materials.

Minimalist Blank Card Mockup #1

Showcase your designs elegantly with the Minimalist Blank Card Mockup #1, perfect for presenting invitations, greeting cards, and business cards. Created by HALFTOUNE, this mockup is celebrated for its clean, realistic style, enhancing the presentation of any design.

Invoice, Timeline, Quote & Receipt

Streamline your business documentation with the elegantly designed Invoice, Timeline, Quote & Receipt templates. These practical and stylish templates are crafted by Hannah Bacon Design, known for their ability to combine functionality with aesthetic appeal in business tools.

Media Kit Canva Template

Present your brand’s story compellingly with the Media Kit Canva Template, designed for influencers and businesses alike. This template is a creation of HelloKarla, a designer renowned for modern and user-friendly templates.

Holokai Typeface

The Holokai Typeface is an inventive and artistic font, perfect for projects that demand a distinctive typographic style. Designed by HeyFonts, their work is a testament to innovative typography and creative design.

Grambly Display Typeface

Grambly Display Typeface, by Hitype, is a contemporary font that brings a unique character to any branding or editorial project. Hitype specializes in creating typefaces that are both visually striking and highly marketable.

IF Durer Display Font

Experience the artistic flair of IF Durer Display Font, a typeface that blends historical elegance with modern design. This unique font, with 551 glyphs, is the brainchild of iFRAME.DESIGN, known for their innovative and distinctive typographic creations.

El Sol

El Sol is a font that radiates warmth and energy, ideal for projects that require a vibrant touch. This piece, created by James Coffman Design, is a testament to his ability to infuse his typefaces with life and character.

70s Seamless Patterns Collection

The 70s Seamless Patterns Collection brings a retro vibe to any project, offering a variety of nostalgic and groovy designs. These patterns are crafted by Kokoshka, whose talent lies in creating visually engaging designs that pay homage to the past.

KT Mogli – Dynamic Sans Serif

KT Mogli is a dynamic sans-serif font that merges clean readability with a modern aesthetic, perfect for various design applications. This font is a creation of Kotivoro, known for their skill in crafting fonts that balance beauty and functionality.

Hostage – Retro Font

Hostage – Retro Font is a nostalgic throwback, perfect for designs that need a touch of vintage charm. This 60s retro font, designed by Letter Fresh, captures the essence of retro design, making it ideal for creative projects that require a unique typographic style.

Gradient Instagram Kit 

Elevate your social media presence with the Gradient Instagram Kit, featuring 75 stunning Canva templates and a bonus pack for eye-catching posts. Created by Lyrata Studio, these templates are a must-have for anyone looking to add a professional and artistic touch to their Instagram feed.

Bi-fold Brochure Template Layout

The Bi-fold Brochure Template Layout is a sleek and professional tool for effective communication and marketing. This versatile InDesign template is created by Mighty Design, known for its clean, modern designs catering to various business needs.

Worn-out Textures

Add depth and character to your designs with Worn-out Textures, offering 7 high-quality, realistic textures. Designed by Mocku, a shop specializing in 3D product visualization and professional mockups.

Abstract Geometric Art Package

Dive into the world of modern art with the Abstract Geometric Art Package, a collection that offers a contemporary twist on classic geometric designs. This creative package is the work of Muzi pear studio, known for its ability to blend abstract art with practical design elements.

Procreate Texture Brushes and Stamps

Enhance your digital art with the Procreate Texture Brushes and Stamps set, offering a variety of textures to bring your creations to life. These brushes and stamps are carefully crafted by Neon Wild Studio, a name synonymous with quality and creativity in digital art tools.

Zade Mobile App UI Kit

Revolutionize your mobile app design with the Zade Mobile App UI Kit, a comprehensive set of templates that streamline the design process. Created by No.13, this UI kit is perfect for designers looking to deliver high-quality, user-friendly mobile app interfaces.

MONO — Block Font

MONO is a block font that balances geometric simplicity with impactful design, suitable for various creative projects. Designed by Noe Araujo, it’s ideal for those seeking a font that makes a bold statement while maintaining a clean and modern aesthetic.

NEW Mockup Bundle Brooklyn Billboard

Bring your advertising designs to life with the NEW Mockup Bundle Brooklyn Billboard, perfect for showcasing your work in a realistic urban setting. This bundle, created by NYC Billboard Mockups, provides an array of high-quality billboard mockups that are essential for any modern advertising campaign.

Morena Instagram Kit | Canva/InDesign

Transform your Instagram profile with the Morena Instagram Kit, a collection of beautifully designed templates for Canva and InDesign. Crafted by Peaches Design, these 50 unique templates blend elegance and functionality, ideal for creating a cohesive and stylish social media presence.

Vintage Vacay Collage: 90+ Elements

Step back in time with the Vintage Vacay Collage, featuring over 90 elements of nostalgic and whimsical designs. This collection by SHOOM HOUSE is perfect for crafting unique and retro-inspired visual narratives.

Bright Instagram Template Bundle

Make your Instagram feed shine with the Bright Instagram Template Bundle, a collection of vibrant and eye-catching templates. Created by Templatez.Co, this bundle is designed for those looking to infuse their social media with color and energy.

Wine Culture Clipart

Celebrate the art of winemaking with the Wine Culture Clipart, a collection that beautifully captures the essence of vineyards and wine. These charming illustrations are the creation of Teresa Art Store, whose work is known for its elegance and attention to detail, perfect for projects related to food and drink culture.

Frida Social Media Marketing Kit

The Frida Social Media Marketing Kit is a vibrant and visually striking set of 120 Canva templates designed to boost any social media campaign. This kit, crafted by The Brand Kit, combines artistic flair with practical design, making it ideal for businesses and influencers looking to stand out online.

Aria – Mockup Scene Creator

Create stunning, realistic scenes for your products with the Aria Mockup Scene Creator. This versatile tool, designed by The Iconic, offers a wide range of customizable options, making it a must-have for designers looking to showcase their work most professionally and engagingly.

Resume Template 3 Page | CV Template

Make a lasting impression with this sleek and professional 3-page Resume Template. Offered by The Template Depot, this template is designed to help job seekers present their qualifications clearly and organized, perfect for standing out in today’s competitive job market.

Newstalgic Condensed Serif

Newstalgic Condensed Serif is a font that blends vintage charm with modern design sensibilities, perfect for projects that require a touch of nostalgia. Created by Type Nesia, this font is ideal for those seeking a unique typographic style that bridges past and present.

Eat Good Food Cookbook / Recipe Book

The Eat Good Food Cookbook/Recipe Book template is a beautifully designed 40-page resource for any food enthusiast or chef looking to publish their recipes. This template is the work of Wolfgang Design, known for creating visually appealing and user-friendly book and magazine templates.

Monigue – Condensed Sans Serif Font

Monigue is a sleek, condensed sans-serif font that offers a modern and minimalist aesthetic for various design projects. Designed by Zarma Type, it’s perfect for designers looking for a versatile font that combines readability with contemporary style.

ZT Qiske – Display Serif

ZT Qiske is a display serif font that beautifully balances classic typography with a modern twist. This font, crafted by zelow type, is ideal for those who want to add a sophisticated and unique touch to their design projects.

Wolf Gang – Vintage Typeface

Wolf Gang is a vintage typeface that perfectly captures the spirit of bygone eras—created by Fateh.Lab, this typeface is an excellent choice for projects that require a font with a strong character and a sense of history.

Paint Splatter Art

Unleash your creativity with Paint Splatter Art, a collection of high-quality, dynamic paint splatters perfect for adding an artistic touch to any project. These versatile splatters are created by Ghostly Pixels, known for their ability to provide unique and impactful design elements.

Clayo – Modern Clean Sans Family

Clayo is a modern, clean sans-serif font family that balances simplicity and sophistication in typography. Designed by Maiko Hatta, this font family is perfect for those seeking a versatile print and digital media typeface.

Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop is a delightful collection of designs and illustrations, capturing the cozy and inviting essence of a café. These charming assets are the creation of lizamatiushenk, whose work is ideal for projects related to food and beverage, especially those looking to evoke a warm and cheerful feeling.

As we wrap up another incredible year at Creative Market, our members have enjoyed a wealth of premium design goods, enhancing their skills, refining their businesses, and even sparking new creative ventures. With a collection that spans hundreds of free assets valued at thousands of dollars, a Creative Market Membership is a gift that continues to enrich and inspire. 

Become a Member today to access these fantastic assets for free and gear up for a creative and prosperous year ahead. Join us in this journey of creativity and discovery, and let’s make the coming year even more remarkable!

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