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Drop 20: Must-Have Design Assets this October 

Olivia Hoskin November 6, 2023 · 10 min read

Creative Market is back with another exciting Drop, featuring a wide array of design assets that are sure to elevate your creative projects. Remember, this is just a taste of what Creative Market has to offer, and members always receive 25% off our entire product catalog. 

This month, we’ve gathered an incredible selection of products from talented Shop owners. Let’s take a closer look at the standout items and the creative minds behind them.

Brand Identity Guidelines Template

Studio Industry’s Brand Identity Guidelines Template is a game-changer for designers and businesses looking to establish a strong brand presence. This comprehensive template provides you with all the tools you need to create consistent and cohesive branding. Explore Studio Industry’s Shop

Annual Report Landscape

Occy Design’s Annual Report Landscape is a beautifully designed 24-page AI template perfect for presenting your company’s annual achievements in a visually appealing way. Impress your stakeholders with this sleek and professional report. Visit Occy Design’s Shop

Napzer Geometric Sans Serif

Napzer Geometric Sans Serif by Craft Supply Co is a modern and versatile typeface that will add a touch of sophistication to your projects. Whether it’s for branding or editorial design, this font is a must-have. Discover Craft Supply Co’s Shop

Procreate Dry Media Brushes

Amy Louise Baker’s Procreate Dry Media Brushes is a digital artist’s dream. These 16 brushes mimic the texture and feel of real dry media, allowing you to easily create stunning artwork. Check out Amy Louise Baker’s Shop

Salemo Vintage Minimalism Font

Presenting Salemo, a vintage-inspired minimalistic font that adds a touch of nostalgia to your designs. Perfect for branding, packaging, or any project that needs a classic twist. Visit Illousa Supply Co’s Shop


Xelo Graph’s Riverbend is a charming script font with a handwritten feel. Use it to add a personal touch to your invitations, greeting cards, or any design that needs a friendly, approachable vibe. Explore Xelo Graph’s Shop

Brand Strategy Guide Template

Another gem from the Studio Industry, the Brand Strategy Guide Template, is a valuable resource for businesses looking to define their brand strategy effectively. This 23-page template is available in In-Design and Canva and is a must-have for any branding project. Discover Studio Industry’s Shop

RoseMask 3in1 Combination Font

RoseMask by Viswell is a stunning combination font that comes in three unique styles. This versatile font is perfect for a wide range of design projects. Check out Viswell’s Shop

Mary Goods Sans Serif Font

Hishand Studio presents Mary Goods, a sleek and modern sans-serif font. Whether you’re designing a website or creating a print layout, this font will bring a touch of whimsy and fun to your work. Visit Hishand Studio’s Shop

Risograph Vol. 2 Procreate Brushes

KJP Design’s Risograph Vol. 2 Procreate Brushes offers your digital illustrations a unique and artistic touch with 30 blendable stamps and 15 risograph-style brushes. Create stunning and textured artwork with these high-quality brushes. Explore KJP Design’s Shop

Instagram Post and Story Template

hk__dsgn offers a fantastic set of 30 story x 30 feed post Instagram Post and Story Templates that will shine your social media presence. Create professional and eye-catching posts and stories effortlessly. Check out hk__dsgn’s Shop

Urban Midnight Lightroom Preset

Urban Midnight Lightroom Preset by Vikam Media is the secret to achieving your photos’ moody and urban look. Elevate your photography game with this exceptional preset. Discover Vikam Media’s Shop

Canva Design Portfolio Template

Her’s Canva Design Portfolio Template is a fantastic resource for professional designers looking to showcase their work. Impress potential clients and employers with 24 fully customizable pages for Canva & Indesign. Visit Her’s Shop

Pitch Deck Presentation Template

Hamocreate’s Pitch Deck Presentation Template is perfect for startups and entrepreneurs looking to make a compelling pitch. Impress investors and stakeholders with this well-designed Google Slide template. Check out Hamocreate’s Shop

Mimi Social Media Template for Canva

Alice Revel Co’s Mimi Social Media Template for Canva is a versatile set of templates that will make your social media profiles stand out. Easily customize these templates to fit your brand’s aesthetic. Explore Alice Revel Co’s Shop

Device Mockups: MacBook, iPad, iPhone’s Device Mockups featuring MacBook, iPad, and iPhone mockups are perfect for showcasing your app or website designs. These high-quality mockups will make your work shine. Visit’s Shop


Clear Supply presents INTr001, a modern and minimalist typeface that’s ideal for branding, logos, and much more. This versatile font will elevate your design projects effortlessly. Check out Clear Supply’s Shop

Interface Powerpoint

NecrolitSlide offers Interface Powerpoint, a visually stunning presentation template full of 60+ designs and 1000+ vector icons that will make your slides memorable. Explore NecrolitSlide’s Shop

Roles Modern Sans Serif Font

Perfectype introduces Roles, a modern sans-serif font that exudes sophistication and versatility. Elevate your design projects with this elegant typeface. Visit Perfectype’s Shop

Makes Sans Serif Font

Graphicxell’s Makes is a sleek and stylish sans-serif font that’s perfect for contemporary design projects. Whether it’s for branding or editorial design, this font will make your work pop. Check out Graphicxell’s Shop

Timeless Haze Effect

Timeless Haze Effect by Goodies.Buro is a set of Photoshop actions that will give your photos a dreamy and timeless look. Add an ethereal atmosphere to your images with ease. Explore Goodies.Buro’s Shop

Conacher Light

Rainfoundry presents Conacher Light, a modern and minimalist typeface that’s perfect for logos, branding, and more. This font will bring a touch of elegance to your design projects. Visit Rainfoundry’s Shop

Evers Sans Serif Font

Graphicxell’s Evers is a versatile sans-serif font that perfectly balances classic and contemporary. Available in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Corel Draw, use it for a wide range of design projects and watch your work come to life. Check out Graphicxell’s Shop

5 Analog Film Presets – Retro

VHC Graphics offers 5 Analog Film Presets – Retro for photographers looking to add a nostalgic, retro vibe to their photos. These 5 Lightroom presets are a fantastic addition to your editing toolkit. Discover VHC Graphics’ Shop

Kaku Futuristic Typeface

FontForZula introduces Kaku, a futuristic typeface that’s perfect for projects requiring a cutting-edge and modern aesthetic. With 13 wacky alternates, this font will take your designs to the next level. Visit FontForZula’s Shop

Dried Plums Display Font

Dried Plums by NikoTersa is a unique and playful .otf display font perfect for adding fun to your projects. Whether it’s for headlines or branding, this font is sure to grab attention. Check out NikoTersa’s Shop

Monochrome Minimal Frame Mockup’s Monochrome Minimal Frame Mockup is a set of elegant and minimalist frame mockups that will make your artwork or photography look stunning. Showcase your work in style. Explore’s Shop

Quente Interior Frame Mockup

Quente Interior Frame Mockup by offers a cozy and inviting way to present your art and designs. These 6 PSD mockups are perfect for showcasing your work in a warm and welcoming environment. Visit’s Shop

Aesthetic iPad Tablet Mockup No. 02

Studio Aesthete’s Aesthetic iPad Tablet Mockup No. 02 is a sleek and modern way to showcase your app or website designs on an iPad. These mockups are perfect for presentations and portfolios. Check out Studio Aesthete’s Shop

Bricks Geometric Pattern Collection

Katedsgn’s Bricks Geometric Pattern Collection offers a set of eye-catching and versatile patterns that are perfect for various design projects, from packaging to textiles. Explore Katedsgn’s Shop

Vibrant 3D Fake Shapes Vector Set

my.ordinarty presents a Vibrant 3D Fake Shapes Vector Set that’s bursting with color and creativity. These 53 vector shapes will add a playful touch to your designs. Visit my.ordinarty’s Shop

Tropical Retrospective Poster

Mio Buono’s Tropical Retrospective Poster consists of 40 ready-to-use vibrant and nostalgic poster templates that are perfect for adding a touch of the tropics to your designs. Explore Mio Buono’s Shop

Hand-Holding iPhone Mockup Set

Country4k’s Hand-Holding iPhone Mockup Set is a collection of realistic iPhone mockups that add a human touch to your app and website presentations. Showcase your work in a relatable way. Visit Country4k’s Shop

Colorform Gradient Backgrounds

Colorform Gradient Backgrounds by Freezerondigital is a set of vibrant and versatile backgrounds that will breathe life into your designs. These gradients are perfect for adding depth and dimension to your projects. Check out Freezerondigital’s Shop

Risograph Risoprint Effect

Graphicdome’s Risograph Risoprint Effect is a set of Photoshop actions that recreate the look and feel of risograph printing. Give your designs a unique and retro touch with these actions. Explore Graphicdome’s Shop

Chromium 3D Shapes Backgrounds

Createssy offers Chromium 3D Shapes Backgrounds, a collection of 20 high-quality 3D rendered backgrounds that add a futuristic and dynamic touch to your designs. Elevate your projects with these eye-catching backgrounds. Visit Createssy’s Shop

Chroma Waves Abstract Backgrounds

CodeToForm presents Chroma Waves Abstract Backgrounds, a set of 15 high-resolution abstract backgrounds that will captivate your audience. Use these backgrounds to create stunning visuals. Check out CodeToForm’s Shop

Mid-Century Posters Retro Shapes 3

LEROY Design’s Mid-Century Posters Retro Shapes 3 is a collection of retro-inspired shapes and elements that will transport you back in time. Perfect for vintage-style designs and posters. Explore LEROY Design’s Shop

50 Wireframe Vector PNG Shapes

Graphicdome offers 50 Wireframe Vector PNG Shapes that are perfect for adding a tech-inspired look to your designs. These vector shapes are versatile and easy to incorporate into various projects. Visit Graphicdome’s Shop

Retro Sticker Pack

Alina Sh’s “Retro Sticker Pack” is a collection of fun and quirky stickers that add a touch of nostalgia to your designs. Use these stickers to add a playful element to your projects. Check out Alina Sh’s Shop

Belgan Aesthetic

INKSUN presents Belgan Aesthetic, a stylish and modern typeface that’s perfect for logos, branding, and more. Elevate your design projects with this elegant font. Explore INKSUN’s Shop

Lostar Display Modern

Ergibi Studio’s Lostar Display Modern is a contemporary display font that’s perfect for headlines, posters, and branding. Add a touch of modernity to your designs with this versatile font. Visit Ergibi Studio’s Shop

Rosmatika Ligature Serif

Ali Hamidi introduces Rosmatika, a ligature serif font that exudes elegance and sophistication. This font, with more than 500 glyphs, is perfect for creating luxurious and stylish designs. Check out Ali Hamidi’s Shop

ArtSpotter Framer Template

123 UXUI’s ArtSpotter Framer Template is a creative and versatile way to present your artwork and photography. Showcase your pieces in a gallery-like setting with this template. Explore 123 UXUI’s Shop

Dreams. Ink Texture Collection

Soffi Sk’s Dreams. Ink Texture Collection is a set of stunning ink textures that add depth and drama to your designs. Use these textures to create eye-catching backgrounds and artwork. Visit Soffi Sk’s Shop

These exceptional products are a special treat exclusively for Creative Market Members this month. If you’re not already a member, now’s the perfect time to join and unlock access to these fantastic design assets. Seize this opportunity to elevate your creative projects with these top-notch resources.

And here’s an extra bonus – when you become a Creative Market Member, you’ll also enjoy a 20% discount on all catalog items. It’s a win-win for your creativity and your wallet. So, go ahead, enjoy your free downloads, and embark on a journey of inspired design!

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