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Drop 23: Kick-off the New Year and Discover Design Excellence

Olivia Hoskin January 22, 2024 · 10 min read

Welcome to the latest Creative Market Drop, where every month, we bring you a handpicked selection of the finest design assets from our talented community of Shop owners. In this month’s Drop, we’re excited to showcase various products, from elegant wedding sets and innovative fonts to practical mockups and creative social media templates. 

Remember, as a Creative Market Member, you get these Drops for free and enjoy a 20% discount across our entire catalog. 

Each item has been carefully chosen for quality, creativity, and utility, ensuring our Creative Market Members can access the best project resources. Dive in and discover the perfect assets to elevate your designs!

Modern Auburn Wedding Set

Transform your special day into an elegant affair with the Modern Auburn Wedding Set, a beautifully designed wedding stationery collection of 9 PSD files. Azka Creative brings sophistication to your wedding planning with their eye for graceful designs and attention to detail.

Retro Press Print Effect 

Give your designs a timeless touch with the Retro Press Print Effect, perfect for achieving a vintage print look in Adobe Photoshop. Shop owner Bart Wesolek specializes in creating authentic retro-inspired digital effects that add character to any project.

Wild Foliage Procreate Stamps

Embrace the beauty of nature in your digital art with 7 Wild Foliage Procreate Stamps. Created by Boho Calligraphy, these stamps are perfect for artists who love incorporating natural elements.

Bella Canvas 3001 Mockup Bundle 

Present your apparel designs professionally with the Bella Canvas 3001 Mockup Bundle, including 8 high-resolution Bella+Canvas mockups. The shop Bright Mockups offers a range of realistic mockups, ensuring your designs shine in every presentation.

Libra: A Funky Reverse Weight Font

Stand out with Libra, a unique reverse-weight font that’s fun and distinctive for any whimsical design project. Corinne Dodenhoff, the shop owner, is known for her playful and innovative typography, making every design project unique.

Canva Minimal Cookbook Template

Create stunning cookbooks effortlessly with the Canva Minimal Cookbook Template (30 editable pages). Check out the Deepa Template Studio’s shop for more elegant and user-friendly solutions for showcasing e-books from all verticals.


Quartez is a versatile, modern font (with over 261 characters) that adds a sleek touch to your text. Eagle & Bison Design Co. is renowned for its artistic and unique typographic designs, making Quartez a perfect choice for various applications.

MODA – Instagram Templates for Canva

Elevate your Instagram game with MODA, a collection of 100 beautifully designed templates for Canva. Envol Agency specializes in stylish, user-friendly social media templates that make your feed stand out.

Certificate Templates Pack 

Award excellence with style using the Certificate Templates Pack in Illustrator and PSD. Etone Studio offers a range of elegant and professional certificate designs, perfect for academic, corporate, or creative achievements.

Professional CV Resume

Make a striking first impression with the Professional CV Resume template, designed to showcase your qualifications in a modern and sleek format. Creator Faiz zakharia provides a comprehensive tool for job seekers looking to stand out in the competitive job market.

Canva Social Media Templates

Revamp your social media presence with 25 fully customizable Canva Social Media Templates, offering a mix of contemporary design and ease of use. Visit the Florentiknows shop for more visually appealing and highly functional templates perfect for businesses and personal brands.

Facebook Ad Templates 

Maximize your online advertising impact with the Facebook Ad Templates in Figma. Goodsdune specializes in creating effective, eye-catching ad designs to boost your social media marketing.

Gengboy Display Typeface 

Gengboy is a bold and unique display typeface that adds an unforgettable character to any design project. The shop, Hitype, is renowned for its expertise in creating striking fonts that capture attention and make a statement.

Acherus Feral

Acherus Feral is a versatile font with a wild and untamed feel, perfect for projects that require a bit of edge. Horizon Type Foundry offers a range of distinctive typefaces, with Acherus Feral being a standout choice for its raw and rugged beauty.

ASL Font American Sign Language Type

Communicate uniquely with the ASL Font, a typeface based on American Sign Language. With this font, InkCloud Design brings inclusivity to typography, offering a creative and meaningful way to convey messages.

Studio Grotesk Modern Typeface 

Studio Grotesk is a multipurpose and modern typeface that marries simplicity with a strong visual impact. Jetsmax Studio is known for its bold and contemporary typeface creations, making Studio Grotesk a great addition to any designer’s toolkit.

Procreate Monoweight Brush Pack 

Experience seamless digital drawing with the Procreate Monoweight Brush 6 Pack. K McCormack Designs offers artists and designers a range of monoweight brushes and fonts perfect for various styles and techniques.

KT Quantum Typeface

KT Quantum is a contemporary typeface that perfectly balances readability with a stylish, futuristic aesthetic. The shop behind this font, Kotivoro, is celebrated for its innovative and dynamic font designs, mockups, and banners. 

Nullomis 49 Fonts

Explore endless creative possibilities with Nullomis, a versatile font collection offering 49 different fonts. Kulturrrno specializes in creating diverse and expansive font families, perfect for a wide range of typographic needs.

Soft Holo Iridescence 3D Shapes

Add a futuristic charm to your designs with Soft Holo Iridescence 3D Shapes, 65 3D shapes for Adobe Suite. LarysaZabrotskaya is known for creating visually striking 3D graphic elements that can transform any project.

Big Bright Sans-Serif 

Make a statement with Big Bright, a tall and bold sans-serif font perfect for headlines and branding. Loryn Ipsum brings a unique and modern approach to typography, an ideal choice for impactful and memorable design projects.

Autumn & Winter Cocktails Clip Art 

Capture the essence of cozy seasons with Autumn & Winter Cocktails Clip Art, perfect for festive and culinary-themed designs. The shop, Maria B Paints, specializes in creating vibrant and detailed illustrations that add warmth and charm to any project.

Teracotta Handwritten Font 

Teracotta is a beautifully handwritten font that brings your projects a personal and artistic touch. Megi Satyo Widodo creates light fonts with a handcrafted feel, perfect for adding a touch of personality to your designs.

Hermes Handwritten Font

Inject playfulness into your typography with Hermes, a fun and lively handwritten font with two sets of uppercase letters and accented characters for international use. Megs Lang specializes in creating design assets for various projects, from fonts to illustrations. 

Drawing Essentials Digital Brushes 

Unleash your creativity with Drawing Essentials Digital Brushes, a comprehensive set of 100 hand-crafted brushes for digital artists and illustrators. Mike Nash Illustration offers high-quality brushes that cater to a wide range of drawing styles and techniques.

Stationery/Notebook Mockups 

Elevate your stationery designs with these realistic and versatile 10 PSD STATIONERY/NOTEBOOK MOCKUPS. MOCKUP.ME is known for its high-quality mockups, providing an ideal solution for professionally showcasing your designs.

La Luna-stamp Procreate Brush

Add mystical and celestial elements to your digital art with a La Luna-stamp brush for Procreate. Check out the Moonflora shop for unique and thematic brushes and illustrations, perfect for artists looking to infuse their work with a touch of magic.

Magic Time Design Elements

Magic Time is a collection of 300+ enchanting design elements, ideal for adding a whimsical touch to any project. Natali offers a range of magical and dreamy graphics, perfect for creative designs that require a fairy-tale touch.

Modern Antiquity Collection 

Experience the fusion of past and present with MODERN ANTIQUITY, a collection that blends historical motifs with contemporary design in PNG format. Natali Batu specializes in creating unique graphics that are both timeless and modern – visit the shop for more.

Abstract Watercolor Set 

Explore the fluid beauty of watercolors with the Abstract Watercolor Set, 151+, which is perfect for artistic and expressive projects. Natalia Fedorova brings a touch of elegance and creativity to her watercolor sets and other patterns, which are ideal for creatives of all backgrounds. 

VSCO Film Look Lightroom Presets 

Transform your photos with the VSCO Film Look Lightroom Presets, offering a range of cinematic and vintage effects. The shop behind this product, PixaSquare, provides photographers with professional-grade presets that are perfect for enhancing photo aesthetics.

Modateka Brand Kit Powerpoint 

Create a powerful brand identity with Modateka, a comprehensive PPT x PPTX Brand Kit for PowerPoint. Check out Rocket Template for a sleeker, more professional presentation and social media templates.

Macbook Mockup, MILA 3 

Showcase your digital designs in style with the Macbook Mockup, MILA 3 for Photoshop. Shop Studio Phylicia offers a range of realistic and clean mockups, perfect for presenting websites, apps, and digital interfaces.

Illustrated Flora

Bring the beauty of nature into your designs with Illustrated Flora, a collection of detailed botanical illustrations for Illustrator and Photoshop. The shop Suphansa specializes in creating illustrations, patterns, and planners that help creatives do what they do best. 

Sporty Squad Cartoon Characters 

Add fun and energy to your projects with Sporty Squad Cartoon Characters, perfect for sports-themed designs and animations. The Isian creates vibrant and lively character designs to captivate and engage audiences.

Magic Brand PowerPoint 

Elevate your presentations with Magic Brand, a PowerPoint template that combines elegance with functionality. You’re in good hands with shop owner Twntysix, known for creating high-quality templates that make complex information easy to understand and visually appealing.

Bitmap Vector Shapes. Part 1

Enhance your digital artwork with Bitmap Vector Shapes Part 1, a unique and creative vector element collection. The shop behind this product, Vanzyst offers innovative graphic design elements that add a distinctive flair to any project.

Leaves, Flowers Procreate Stamps

Create stunning floral designs with Leaves, Flowers Procreate Stamps, perfect for digital art and illustration. Visit Veronika Gotovceva’s page to see more thematic and versatile brushes and stamps for Procreate.

Wanderland Display Font 

Wanderland is a display font that captures the essence of adventure and nostalgia, ideal for thematic designs. Vintage Type Company excels in retro-inspired typography, making Wanderland a perfect choice for projects that need a vintage touch.

Bulbis Bubble Font

Bring a playful and whimsical touch to your designs with Bulbis, a fun bubble font. Zarma Type is known for its creative and playful typographic designs, and Bulbis is ideal for entertaining and youthful projects.

ZT Bros Oskon 90s Font 

ZT Bros Oskon 90s offers 72 styles of versatile font, capturing the nostalgic essence of the 90s. Zelow type, the shop behind this font, is celebrated for its innovative approach to typography.

Kiria Donation App UI KIT 

Kiria is a Donation App UI KIT that simplifies the design of donation and charity apps with 46 iPhone X screens. The designer, hellorizalahmadd provides comprehensive and user-friendly mobile UI kits.

Botanical Instagram Stories

Transform your Instagram stories with Botanical Instagram Stories, a collection of beautifully designed templates. Creativestoree offers crisp, eye-catching designs for flyers, social media, and more. 

Botched Halftone Textures 

Add depth and character to your designs with Botched Halftone Textures, perfect for creating a vintage or distressed look. Check out the shop Ultrashock for more high-quality textures and photo packs.

As we conclude our Creative Market Drop, we hope you have been inspired and have gained tools to fulfill your creative visions. Remember, Creative Market members receive a 20% discount on all products in the catalog. Let’s explore, design, and get creative until next month’s Drop!

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