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Drop 27: Harness Your Creative Powers With This Month’s Must-Have Design Resources

Olivia Hoskin May 15, 2024 · 11 min read

Welcome to our latest Creative Market Drop! Each month, we curate a collection of standout design assets from our talented Shop owners, making these gems available for free to Creative Market Members. These products span various categories and are perfect for refreshing your creative projects. Let’s dive into this month’s selection and the creative minds behind them!

Zephyr Keynote Template

Perfect for professional presentations, the Zephyr Keynote Template combines elegance with effectiveness, featuring sleek design elements and 120 versatile slides. The creator, JustHex specializes in creating polished and practical templates that help convey your message with clarity and style.

Typographic Poster Layouts No.02

Typographic Poster Layouts No.02 offers 20 beautifully crafted poster designs that are ready to print or customize in PSD. Evlogiev Studio is known for their exceptional attention to typography and layout, making their designs a favorite among graphic artists and publishers.

Somina – Minimal PowerPoint

With its minimalist design, the Somina – Minimal PowerPoint template is ideal for creating clean, impactful presentations. Visit Peaches Design for simple yet powerful design templates that focus on content without sacrificing beauty.

Sunday Brunch Posters

Celebrate the vibe of leisurely Sunday brunches with these charming Sunday Brunch Posters. Shop owner Mio Buono offers a range of delightful designs, icons, wall art, and more that bring a touch of joy and color to any event or promotion.

Tromso Portfolio Template

Showcase your work in style with the Tromso Portfolio Template (40 pages in Adobe InDesign), designed to highlight your projects with a clean, modern aesthetic. The designer Avelã Creative provides designers and artists with professional templates to create compelling visual portfolios.

SERE Brand Proposal

The SERE Brand Proposal template is a 23-page Canva-friendly comprehensive tool for clearly and persuasively presenting brand strategies and designs to clients. The creator of this template, Wildnun Studio is a powerhouse in creating detailed and organized brand materials.

Instagram Post Template – Aesthetic

Elevate your social media game with the Instagram Post Template – Aesthetic, featuring 12 modern and stylish layouts. Check out Desierto Studio for fresh social media templates and mockups that are instantly appealing and easy to use.

Cocoa Instagram Social Media Pack PS

Cocoa Instagram Social Media Pack PS provides everything you need to create a cohesive and attractive Instagram feed. Visit Feel This for help standing out online with beautifully designed social media kits and other mockups.

Financial Coach Instagram Pack 

Financial advisors can enhance their online presence with the Financial Coach Instagram Pack Canva, designed specifically for finance professionals. Studio Mindu offers tailored social media solutions for various professional services.

Florence Social Media Kit

The Florence Social Media Kit’s harmonious design makes it perfect for creating elegant and unified social media posts. Creator Studio Dara crafts exquisite social media kits and mockups that amplify your brand’s aesthetic and reach.

Elsa Nutrition Instagram Template

Boost your health and wellness content with Elsa Nutrition Instagram Template, 90 templates designed for nutritionists and health coaches looking to inspire their audiences. The creator My Template Studio is renowned for their beautifully crafted social media templates that make health communication both engaging and visually appealing.

Wellness Social Media Kit 

Promote a holistic lifestyle with the Wellness Social Media Kit, built for Canva or Photoshop, a comprehensive set of templates designed to inspire and promote wellness. Sparrow & Snow offers visually stunning designs that resonate with wellness audiences, enhancing your social media presence with style.

Ipanema Girl & Sunny 

Capture the essence of sunny days with Ipanema Girl & Sunny, a pair of Lightroom presets perfect for photographers aiming to add warmth and a golden hue to their photos. SHOOM HOUSE creates Lightroom presets, illustrations, and other assets for designers that transform your projects.

Recolor Duotones

Transform your graphics with Recolor Duotones, a powerful set of actions that allow for stunning Duotone effects in Photoshop. Creator Studio Dusk is a leader in creating Photoshop actions, posters, and other assets that are easy to use and dramatically enhance photo aesthetics.

15 Film Mobile Lightroom Presets

Give your mobile photos the classic film look with 15 Film Mobile Lightroom Presets, ideal for Instagram enthusiasts and bloggers. AmuletPresets provides professional-grade presets that bring the timeless beauty of film photography to your digital images.

Vintage Print Machine — Halftones

Achieve authentic vintage effects with Vintage Print Machine — Halftones, 24 installable Photoshop patterns perfect for designers looking to add a retro touch to their projects. Visit the J. Studio shop, specalizing in creating halftone brushes and textures that bring a nostalgic feel to modern designs.

Mid90’s Effect

Relive the 90s with the Mid90’s Effect, a Photoshop plugin that adds the quintessential retro vibe to your digital art. The store owner at Goodies.Buro crafts unique digital effects and mockups that add a fresh twist to any project.

50 Hero Waves Backgrounds

Incorporate dynamic motion into your projects with 50 Hero Waves Backgrounds, ideal for web design and digital art projects. The creator Asylab designs striking backgrounds and mockups that add movement and depth to any visual project.

Tall Urban Billboard Mockup PSD

Showcase your advertisements realistically with the Tall Urban Billboard Mockup PSD, designed for marketers and advertisers. Merakite offers premium mockups that help designers present their work in urban contexts with high fidelity.

Minimal Stationery Mockup Pack

Present your branding projects elegantly using the Minimal Stationery Mockup Pack, designed for a clean and contemporary look. Creator Siren Creative Co. provides a range of minimalistic and refined mockup sets and stationery that emphasize your brand’s sophistication.

30 HQ Pixelized Cursor Vector Pack

Update your digital interfaces with 30 HQ Pixelized Cursor Vector Pack, offering a variety of cursor designs for software and web developers. CTRLsee excels at creating unique user interface elements and fonts that enhance usability and aesthetic appeal.

Risograph Swirls

Add playful and colorful swirl patterns to your designs with Risograph Swirls, perfect for unique print projects and creative arts. The creator Like Magic Studio is known for its vibrant and artistic graphic sets and fonts that spark creativity and bring joy to any piece.

Beach Getaway Collection

Bring the seaside charm to your designs with the Beach Getaway Collection, a beautiful set of graphics and elements inspired by the beach. Visit Mere Hunter for more gorgeous, themed graphic collections and vectors that capture the essence of leisure and vacation vibes.

Painted Clouds – Art Collection

Transform your projects with the ethereal beauty of the Painted Clouds – Art Collection, perfect for adding a serene touch to any space. Studio Funshop by Kelli specializes in creating breathtaking art collections that bring the tranquillity of nature into digital and print mediums.

Textured Shapes

Experiment with Textured Shapes, a collection of 30 solid and outlined, intricate, detailed shape designs for EPS10 that add depth and interest to any creative project. Léo Alexandre offers unique graphic elements that are versatile and easy to integrate into various design works.

Geocorporate Retro Vector Elements

Incorporate a touch of vintage flair with Geocorporate Retro Vector Elements, ideal for projects that require a nostalgic yet professional look. The creator, angelainthefields, provides a rich assortment of retro-inspired vectors that are perfect for corporate branding or personal projects.

Bubbly Abstract Backgrounds

Add a playful and modern twist to your designs with Bubbly Abstract Backgrounds. These backgrounds are designed to bring your projects a fresh and energetic feel. Visit Youandigraphics for more eye-catching backgrounds, graphic elements, and fonts that are perfect for vibrant and contemporary designs.

Colorama: DDC/GWC Edn.

Enhance your Photoshop projects with Colorama: DDC/GWC Edn., a collection of 49 dynamic color gradients that bring your designs to life. G.A.R.M. Company specializes in creating Photoshop tools that allow designers to easily add rich color palettes and stunning visual effects to their works.

Boogie Down 70s Font

Channel the funky spirit of the 70s with Boogie Down 70s Font, a lively typeface that captures the disco era’s exuberance. Grallys Supply Co. offers beautiful fonts that embody the spirit of different historical periods.

Yellow House Hybrid Font

Blend modern and classic styles with Yellow House | Hybrid Font, a versatile typeface suitable for various applications. Check out Ef Studio for more creative fonts for contemporary design with traditional elements.

Cooperboy – Retro Display Font

Make a bold statement with Cooperboy – Retro Display Font, perfect for headlines and logos that require a touch of vintage. Sixtysix Labs is dedicated to crafting display fonts that capture the essence of retro design while being highly readable and impactful.

Alcapone Display

Embrace the bold and assertive style of Alcapone Display, a font that stands out in any setting, whether print or digital. AF Studio designs standout typefaces that add character and distinction to your typography projects.

Gogoli 2.0 – Grotesk Type

Opt for modern minimalism with Gogoli 2.0 – Grotesk Type, a clean and versatile typeface ideal for contemporary design projects. The creator of this font, Kulturë Type offers more silly, sleek and adaptable fonts, perfect for both print and digital media.

Tropic Hills Hybrid Display

Capture the exotic charm of tropical landscapes with Tropic Hills | Hybrid Display, a font that blends adventure with readability. Muntab Art creates sleek typefaces perfect for contemporary designs that require a little flair.


Explore the elegance of Belma, a display serif typeface that combines classic design with modern sophistication. AF Studio again impresses with its ability to create bold fonts that are both timeless and contemporary.

Psychic Sister Mystical Font Duo

Dive into the mystical with Psychic Sister Mystical Font Duo, a pair of fonts that bring an enchanting quality to any project. Check out the Dynamo Ultima shop for more typefaces and illustrations that evoke emotion and add a magical touch to your designs.

First Rodeo by Tyler Elise

Celebrate bold femininity with FIRST RODEO, a typeface as fearless and dynamic as its creator. The shop tylerelise designs expressive and powerful fonts, perfect for making a statement.

Postress – Condensed Serif

Postress – Condensed Serif is a sleek, modern serif font with excellent readability and style, ideal for editorial use. The designer, bentype, is known for creating refined typefaces that enhance the readability and aesthetic of any text-heavy project.

Clover Grotesk

Clover Grotesk is a modern sans-serif font with clean lines and an approachable feel, making it perfect for branding and user interfaces. Webhance Studio offers a variety of fonts designed with functionality and style in mind.

Rodwig Variable Fonts

Rodwig Variable Fonts offers a range of weight and style variations in one file, providing flexibility and consistency for branding and design. Check out the creator Ilham Herry, a type and graphic designer known for crafting versatile type solutions that adapt to a wide range of applications.

Elah Spring

Elah Spring is a font that bursts with youthful energy and springtime freshness, perfect for seasonal marketing and creative projects. Rodrigo Typo creates lively and expressive fonts ideal for brands looking to stand out.

Antapani – Alternative Grotesk

Check out Antapani – Alternative Grotesk, a modern sans-serif font with 9 styles and a unique character, blending geometric precision with subtle quirks. Creator Monoco Type Foundry focuses on developing typefaces with personality and high functionality.

Remoto Typeface

Remoto Typeface offers a clean and minimalist design, perfect for digital interfaces, editorial content, and corporate communication (625 glyphs). JAM Type delivers typefaces that are designed to be as beautiful as they are functional.

Printing Machine for Procreate

Unleash vintage vibes in your digital art with Printing Machine for Procreate, which creates an intriguing printing/cutout style with 7 fill brushes. Wink Brushes is renowned for its innovative Procreate brushes, which transform digital art with traditional effects.

Fantastic Grain for Procreate

Add depth and texture to your illustrations with Fantastic Grain for Procreate, perfect for artists who want to enrich their digital drawings. Check out Eliza Moreno Illustration for more Procreate brushes that are essential for artists looking to add fine details and textures to their work.

RisoTex Procreate Brushes

Create with the distinctive look of risograph printing using RisoTex Procreate Brushes, 30 brushes ideal for unique prints and graphic designs. The shop Mels Brushes provides diverse artistic tools replicating traditional printing techniques, bringing a handcrafted feel to digital projects.

Interior Design Toolkit

Perfect for interior designers and decorators, the Interior Design Toolkit includes many templates, brushes, and tools designed to streamline the design process and presentation in Procreate. Visit Brian Ritter Design for professional-grade design resources like vector graphics, characters, and shapes to enhance your next project. 


As we wrap up this month’s Creative Market Drop, we hope you’ve found inspiration among these exceptional design assets, each curated to spark your creativity and elevate your projects. Remember, these tools are not just about adding aesthetic value—they’re about making your workflow smoother and your outcomes more striking. With the 25% discount for Creative Market Members, there’s no better time to explore and integrate these resources into your work. So, keep creating and experimenting, and stay tuned for next month’s Drop, where we’ll bring you even more amazing assets to help turn your creative visions into reality. Until then, happy designing!

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