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Drop 25: Elevate Your Designs this Spring

Olivia Hoskin March 26, 2024 · 10 min read

Welcome to the latest Creative Market Drop, a handpicked design asset selection that brings new life into your projects. We showcase our community’s talent each month, featuring unique products from our Creative Market Shop owners. But that’s not all – remember, Creative Market Members save up to 25% off all products across our extensive catalog, not just the items featured in our Drop. 

This month’s collection includes vibrant fonts and detailed mockups, intricate illustrations, and comprehensive templates. Dive in and discover the artistry behind each asset.

Moulay Font Duo

Moulay Font Duo combines modern and classic styles, making it versatile for various design needs. 160 Studio offers a diverse range of fonts that cater to branding, invitation, and editorial projects with a personal touch.

Brand Sheets for Figma 

Elevate your brand with Brand Sheets for Figma, a tool designed to harmonize your branding elements efficiently. Ascend Studio specializes in creating Figma templates that streamline the design process for professionals and businesses.

Buthick Font

Introducing Buthick Font, where bold meets whimsical, ideal for standout branding and headline creation. Asenbayu crafts fonts that are as playful and dynamic as they are impactful.


Tienda is a beautifully designed e-commerce theme tailored for online retailers looking for a sleek and modern look. Cactus Country creates themes that marry functionality with stunning aesthetics, perfect for businesses of all sizes.

Retro Ransom Display Cutout Font

Bring a touch of nostalgia to your projects with Retro Ransom Display Cutout Font, perfect for eye-catching titles and logos. Calamar Studio prides itself on reviving vintage styles for the modern age.


INTr002 offers a unique blend of abstract and minimalistic design elements, suitable for various creative projects. Clear Supply focuses on delivering high-quality graphics and templates that push the boundaries of conventional design.

Poool Wobbly font

Embrace whimsy and fun with Poool Wobbly font, designed to add a playful touch to any project. Drawwwn is dedicated to producing enjoyable fonts to look at and bring joy to the design process – try one in your next project.

Ariadna & Tristan Wedding Template

Capture the essence of your special day with Ariadna & Tristan Wedding Template, a collection of stationary templates (Adobe) designed for timeless memories. Etone Studio specializes in templates that radiate elegance and romance.

Project Onboarding Template

Streamline your project management with the Project Onboarding Template, designed to enhance team collaboration and efficiency. Hannah Bacon Design offers solutions for creative professionals seeking to optimize workflow and client communication.

Grand Mighty Condensed Font

Grand Mighty Condensed Font is a bold statement piece for your next design project, offering versatility in a compact form. Nian Keun Studio excels in creating fonts that command attention while maintaining elegance.

iPhone 14 Pro Mockup

Showcase your app or website in style with the iPhone 14 Pro Mockup, providing a realistic and contemporary setting. Check out the shop Occy Designy for top-notch mockups that elevate the presentation of digital products.

Geometric & Abstract Illustrations

Inject modernity and sophistication into your projects with Geometric & Abstract Illustrations. Paulina Sara Design crafts detailed and mesmerizing illustrations that add depth and interest to any design.

BARBOSA Modern Keynote Template

Transform your presentations with the BARBOSA Modern Keynote Template, which features 20 unique layouts designed to captivate and engage your audience. Portocraft is known for its sleek, professional templates that make information delivery impactful and stylish.

Soft Serve Retro Display Font

Step back in time with Soft Serve Retro Display Font, ideal for those looking to infuse a vintage vibe into their designs. Sarah Celia Design is your go-to for nostalgic yet perfectly suited fonts for modern projects.

Bolt Display Rounded Bold Sans

Make your text pop with Bolt Display Rounded Bold Sans, a font that’s as friendly as bold. The shop Silver Stag Type Foundry provides versatile fonts, perfect for everything from branding to children’s books.

Film Frame 35mm V.5

Capture the essence of classic photography with Film Frame 35mm V.5, perfect for adding a vintage touch to your digital photos. Sixtysix Labs specializes in creating products that celebrate the nostalgia and warmth of analog photography.

Latom Grotesque Geometric Family

Introducing Latom Grotesque Geometric Family, a clean and contemporary typeface suitable for various applications. Skinny Type is the shop behind this font, dedicated to producing functional and stunning typefaces that elevate the design aesthetic.

Niclsen Resume Kit

Land your dream job with Niclsen Resume Kit, offering 16 sleek, professional CV templates for Canva that stand out. Studio Industry is focused on providing high-quality resources for professionals looking to make a lasting impression.

Aesthetic Social Media Template Kit

Revitalize your social media with Aesthetic Social Media Template Kit for creators seeking a cohesive and attractive online presence. Studio Provo crafts templates that are beautiful and user-friendly, perfect for influencers and brands alike.

Brand Sheet: Invoice & Service Guide

Professionalize your business with Brand Sheet: Invoice & Service Guide, ensuring consistency across client interactions. Viva Agency provides essential business templates that combine functionality with a sleek design.

Organic Masks Templates

Enhance your visuals with Organic Masks Templates, offering 60 natural, fluid shapes for your social media design projects. Walrus Darya specializes in unique, artistic templates that add an organic touch to any design.

ADE / Social Media Kit (II)

Elevate your social media game with ADE / Social Media Kit (II), designed for those looking to make a bold, stylish statement online with 40 unique templates for social. Visit the Wildnun Studio for vibrant and engaging social media kits that capture attention and engage audiences.

ZT Neue Ralewe

Discover the versatility of the ZT Neue Ralewe typeface family; with 90 styles, this family is comprehensive and caters to a wide range of design needs. zelow type is renowned for its meticulous attention to detail and typeface versatility.

TF Nukes

Explode onto the scene with TF Nukes, a bold font as impactful and authoritative as it is stylish. Teenage Foundry creates fonts meant to be noticed, perfect for brands looking to make a strong statement.

Chroma Glass Abstract Backgrounds

Chroma Glass Abstract Backgrounds offer a mesmerizing selection of 15 vibrant, glass-inspired textures. Codetoform excels in producing abstract backgrounds that elevate web and graphic design projects with a touch of sophistication.

Pencil Paper Texture Brushes

Bring a hand-drawn feel to your digital art with Pencil Paper Texture Brushes, perfect for illustrators and graphic designers. Cozy Brushery provides brushes that replicate the tactile sensation of drawing on paper, adding authenticity to your digital creations.

iPad Pro 12-inch Mockup with Hands

Present your digital products in a realistic context with iPad Pro 12-inch Mockup with Hands. Custom Scene offers mockups that enhance the presentation of apps and websites, making them more relatable to users.

Wine vector Illustrations

Add a touch of elegance to your projects with Wine Vector Illustrations, perfect for menus, advertisements, and educational materials. dicreate is known for its detailed and thematic illustrations that cater to the food and beverage industry.

Gallery Wall Frame Mockup

Showcase your artwork in style with Gallery Wall Frame Mockup, offering a sophisticated setting for your creations in PSD. The shop, DSTUDIO888 provides artists and photographers with professional mockups to display their work.

Mila Instagram Stories

Revamp your Instagram stories with Mila Instagram Stories for Canva, a collection of 15 templates designed for storytellers and brands. Elsy Creative offers Canva templates that are easy to use and customize, perfect for enhancing your social media narrative.

Synflow – Brand Guidelines Template

Establish a cohesive brand identity with the Synflow—Brand Guidelines Template, designed to keep your branding consistent and professional. Hamdi Designs creates comprehensive templates that help businesses present their brands effectively.

E-Commerce App UI Kits for Figma

Design your next e-commerce app with E-Commerce App UI Kits for Figma, offering various elements and layouts. Hamza Naeem is dedicated to providing UI kits that streamline the design process for mobile and web applications.

Duotone Geo Shapes

Infuse your projects with modern, geometric flair using 96 Duotone Geo Shapes in EPS. The shop, Leo Alexandre crafts shapes, wall art, and posters that bring any design a dynamic and contemporary feel.

SPAZA SHOPZ Display Font

Capture the spirit of streetwise style with SPAZA SHOPZ Display font, perfect for bold and urban designs. Liam MacSweeney offers fonts as unique and vibrant as the communities they represent.

Folk Abstract Floral Graphics

Embrace the beauty of nature with Folk Abstract Floral Graphics, ideal for adding a whimsical touch to your designs. Visit the likorbut shop for more floral graphics that are both charming and versatile, suitable for a wide range of projects.

Grunge Photoshop Brushes

Add depth and texture to your designs with Grunge Photoshop Brushes, perfect for artists seeking a raw, edgy look. Mohamed Saber’s shop provides realistic brushes for creative expression in digital art and design.


Elevate your text with Carltine, a classic serif font that exudes sophistication and elegance. Muksal Creative crafts fonts that blend traditional elements with modern design, perfect for print and digital mediums.

Grave Springs Modern Blackletter

Grave Springs Modern Blackletter offers a contemporary twist on a classic style, ideal for brands looking to make a bold statement. Muntab_Art’s shop merges historical typography with modern design, creating memorable and distinctive fonts.

Fruit Stamp Brushes for Procreate

Bring the freshness of fruit to your digital art with Fruit Stamp Brushes for Procreate. Pinkdrinksoul’s shop provides Procreate brushes and stamps that add a natural and playful touch to illustrations and designs.

PoeticNonsense Social Media Template

Transform your social media presence with PoeticNonsense Social Media Template, 120 Canva templates designed for creatives looking to stand out. Visit Rational Mood for visually appealing templates that are easy to customize and perfect for bloggers, influencers, and brands.

Evox Powerpoint Template Design

Take your presentations to the next level with Evox Powerpoint Template Design, offering a blend of professionalism and creativity. Rocketstill specializes in PowerPoint templates designed to impress, whether for business meetings or creative pitches.

Mineral Wash Textures

Introduce a unique, handcrafted feel to your projects with Mineral Wash Textures. Check out Brandon Stecz’s shop for textures that provide depth and interest, ideal for backgrounds, packaging, and textile design.

Magentha Summer-Serif Family

Celebrate the warmth and vibrancy of summer with Magentha Summer-Serif Family, a font perfect for seasonal branding and advertising. Dzikrul Aulia designs fonts that capture the essence of any project, bringing a “put-together” feeling to your work.

Distressed Paper Texture Overlays

Add a touch of vintage charm with Distressed Paper Texture Overlays, ideal for achieving an aged, worn-out look. Aurora Graphics provides overlays that transform your designs, giving them a timeless appeal.

Sparkle & Shine Firework Character

Illuminate your designs with Sparkle & Shin Firework Character, a collection of 6 characters that brings festivity and joy to your design projects. Sniazhana Pasledniaya offers graphics that are as dazzling and vibrant as real-life fireworks, perfect for celebrations and special occasions.

Discover these and many more in the latest Drop, and bring new dimensions to your creative projects. Each Shop owner brings their unique style and expertise, offering a wide range of assets that cater to various design needs. Explore, experiment, and express yourself with these meticulously curated design assets. Happy creating!

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