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35 Playful Fonts for Children's Books & Design Projects

In search of fun, light-hearted fonts for your children-related design projects? Let these beautiful fonts tell stories for you.

March 2, 2021 · 7 min read

Choosing the right font for a project can often be daunting. A good typeface will be powerful enough to bring your message across while giving off a lasting impression on viewers. Meanwhile, the wrong typeface could leave audiences thinking you have poor taste.
As a designer, it’s crucial to leverage typography for both communication and impact. Similar to photos, fonts can be used to evoke emotions. For instance, clean fonts look professional and too formal sometimes, whereas creative hand-drawn fonts look fun and light-hearted.
In search of the best playful fonts for your projects? Let these beautiful fonts tell stories for you. You can find even more creative children-inspired fonts here.

1. Pequena

Making a children’s storybook? Whether in print or on the Web, make it fun and quirky with this typeface brought to you by Rodrigo Typo.

2. Canterbury + Bonus Mockups

This handmade serif typeface by Design Panoply offers versatility with a bit of whimsy. Featuring two pre-made PSD Smart Object mock-up templates and 11 high resolution, photo-based PNG objects, this pack is not to be missed.

3. Brocha Family

An expressive handmade font with a highly humanist look. Inspired by pre-Columbian art, this one from Latinotype would look great on headlines, logotypes, or for use on packaging designs.


Need the perfect playful font for your poster, greeting cards, t-shirt, logo, or branding? Try this cute typeface by Olexstudio.

5. Scaredy Pants

You don’t need to wait for Halloween to use a wickedly cool font. This one by thomas_ramey has letters and characters great for fall designs, Halloween parties, or scary movie nights.

6. Spellbound Families

Capture the true children’s theme in this amazing collection from wubstudio. When you purchase this pack, you won’t just get the fonts, you’ll also get tons of extras like vector and doodling shapes and patterns.

7. Wisp Typeface

Making kids’ projects can be made more fun by using this typeface collection by Tugcu Design Co.. Made with magical curves and comes with decorative elements, this is one pack you’d always want to have with you.

8. Mrs. Doodle Fonts

Working on a kid’s project that needs a dose of happiness? Then get this font collection by Frisk Shop. Introducing hand-crafted letters with other doodle goods such as flowers, hearts, ornaments, flourishes, arrows, balloons, and more, it’s a font perfect for any occasion.

9. Lunchbox ALL + Webfonts

Believe it or not, this hand-drawn typeface pack from Kimmy Design features not just one, but three different font styles! That’s over 1,500 different characters for personal or commercial use.

10. Cute Hand Drawing Type

For a truly unique and bold statement, try this playful font from Barkova Nadya. Have fun using it in slideshows, posters, greeting cards, and more!

11. Konga Pro + Cyrillic

An amazingly cute typeface by Rodrigo Typo. It really gives character to any project! Now available with Cyrillic and alternatives.

12. ZUFO Font Family

Add a happy vibe to your works by trying out this unique font from Andrei Robu Type. Its playful paper-cut feel will definitely put a smile on your audience’s faces.

13. My Dear Watson Font

Be inspired by this bold, clean font by Groovy Journal. Perfect for print projects like t-shirts, mugs, greeting cards, and more.

14. Sugar Hut

Sometimes, all you need is a dash of playfulness. Add this typeface by clipick to your design arsenal for all-around crafts and projects. It features sweet upper and lowercase font with alternates.

15. Sleepy Fat Cat Typeface

There’s nothing cuter than a fat cat. Whether you’re into furry pals or you just want one in your design, this pack from me55enjah will give a childish look to any assignment. Plus, you’ll also get bonus kitty graphics!

16. Scandiebox Handlettering Collection

Inspired by the simplicity of modern Scandinavian style with some influence of Japanese kawaii, this collection from MyCreativeLand features more than 100 illustrations created for happy clients.

17. Chalkboard Typeface

Get in the mood for school with this typeface by ikopylov. This pack contains eight hand-drawn seamless patterns and bonus vector school supplies illustrations.

18. PAUD Typeface & Bonus

When trying to add a childish flair to your projects, sometimes text isn’t enough. Make your artwork stand out with this collection containing fun vector stickers in the form of cute characters, symbols, and more. Made by fopifopi, it’s sure to make any project shine!

19. Jonesy

Looking for lettering that looks modern with just a touch of vintage? This one by Ksenia Belobrova was made to look like real lettering, having almost 700 alternates and ligatures, organic forms, and realistic connections.

20. Milkman Family

This playful, full-featured font by Haäfe & Haph is the perfect accompaniment to a plate of cookies while making your projects. Sweet but simple, it’s a cool typeface for personal or commercial purposes.

21. Innocents fonts & Graphic packs

A traditional brush and watercolor typeface by Ramandhani with bonus beautiful botanical watercolor PNG files.

22. Bedtime Stories Font

Be inspired by this playful yet casual typeface by lovepower. It’s perfect for use for book covers, poster design, magazines, logos, name tags, handwritten quotes, product packaging, social media posts, and more!

23. Candlepin

Love monograms but hate the formality? Then this font by missy.meyer is a must for monogram lovers and designers. Light-hearted and fun, the collection also includes various frame options for tons of possibilities.

24. Monstahh Layered Typeface

If you love cute monsters, you’ll love this font inspired by them. Monstahh typeface by Drizy will surely make your projects seem larger than life.

25. Totally Tubular Font

Whether you’re working on a kids’ project or you simply want your artwork to stand out, this incredibly fun, hand-drawn retro font by Denise Chandler is just the thing for you. It also comes with an outline version to mix and match for more possibilities!

26. Cookies and Cream Typeface

Want your projects to look tasty enough to eat? Try this fun, bouncy, quirky, and casual typeface by Nicky Laatz. The pack also contains extra doodles to enhance your works.

27. Lolapeluza Family + Cyrillic

Here’s a cheerful and entertaining font from Rodrigo Typo. Perfect for tasks or artworks requiring a little childish or fun vibe.

28. Bjola Sans Serif

Your cartoons, children’s books, logotypes, and greeting cards would want to be graced by this bold friendly font from Andrey Sharonov. Featuring chubby clean letters, it looks simple yet modern.

29. Garlic Butter

Make your projects tastier with this smooth and cute font by missy.meyer. Get the pack and also receive the Garlic Butter Doodads file, full of swirls, swashes, icons, arrowheads, tails, catchwords, and more decorative items!

30. Les Paul Font Family

Add a little 50’s or 60’s feel into your works with this font family brought to you by Vintage Voyage Design Co.. The pack comes with seven styles and retro add-ons to give your audiences a blast from the past.

31. Allspice

This fun mixed-case font from missy.meyer is versatile enough for any project. Mix and match letters with numbers for endless possibilities.

32. Beebzz

A fun project or artwork needs a fun font. Add spontaneity with this lettering family by popskraft. Why be serious when you can use freehand child calligraphy?

33. Childish Reverie Font

Using a colorful typeface can instantly amp up your project. For a truly unique look, try this one from Denise Chandler. Mix and match letters, or even throw in some Memphis-style doodles to get exactly the look you want.

34. Pinsetter

Fun and happiness is just a font away with this font family from missy.meyer. Use one set or mix and match for endless combinations!

35. Highflier Font

This cheerful typeface from Denise Chandler features four overlays to add a bit of style to otherwise simple designs. Have fun or go plain – they all look great either way!
Buy and download a typeface set today. You save not only time and money when you make a purchase, you’re also assured of great tools you can use and reuse for future projects.
Looking for more beautiful fonts? Creative Market features independent creatives around the world to bring you inspired design content to help bring your projects to new heights.

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