30 Food Fonts That Are Good Enough To Eat

By on Aug 18, 2020 in Inspiration
30 Food Fonts That Are Good Enough To Eat

Whether you’re the type who likes brunch, or the one who’s always snacking in between meals, food brings out the quirky side in all of us. There are also plenty of projects centered on gastronomy. From restaurants, cafes, food blogs, to cookbooks, there’s no shortage of food-inspired works for graphic designers.

If you love working with good food, you’ll know how difficult it can be to find the right elements that go great together. Pictures aren’t the only ones that can make mouths water – the correct font could also do the trick.

Curly scripts, for instance, look sweet and delectable. Meanwhile, linear, straight fonts would look interesting next to haute cuisine.

Discover what amazing food fonts can do for your gastronomy journey today. Check out this list for the best type families for the food industry. You can find even more creative food-inspired fonts here.

Food Fonts That Are Good Enough To Eat

1. Pink Lemonade - Retro Display Font

Inspired by the 50s to 70s pop art culture with roots in the Art Deco scene, this font is simply fizzing to join your designer’s toolkit!

2. Barbariska Rough2 Regular & Oblique

Featuring rough and oblique variations, this handcrafted font will look friendly on food packaging or posters.

3. Jonesy

Need yummy typography to make your guests hungry? Try this funny modern-looking script font with a touch of vintage to make your menus stand out!

4. The Simply Sweet Font Duo

Juicy and curvaceous, this whimsical font will add joy and happiness wherever you wish to use it!

5. Jelligun Hand-lettered Font

This cheerful font family includes cute icons and ligatures to easily personalize the look and feel of your designs.

6. Butcher and Block Typeface + Extras

Make your journey into design more delicious with this versatile typeface that includes tons of extras. Get the handy tutorial, pretty vector elements, and the original files so you can create something similar!

7. Clarkson Script

Perfect for branding a new bakeshop or cafe, this multipurpose script font has plenty of alternate characters and terminal forms to get your creative juices flowing.

8. Mela Pro

Sometimes all you need is a bright, bold font to bring all the flavors of your project together.

9. Wacca

Simple yet stately, this is the typeface to use if you want something fresh and organic.

10. Culinary

Fresh out of the oven, this font family features sans, script, swashes, and nifty borders to inspire your journey into culinary design.

11. Mi Cocina All Family

A must-have for designers who are constantly working on food-related themes. This type family includes lots of food and kitchen elements.

12. Yummy Font Family

A simple font family designed to mix the old with the new for a truly delightful outcome.

13. Cuciniere Font + 40 Icons (Handmade)

This typeface features a handmade feel that would make any foodie proud. Plus, get 40 hand-drawn icons to complete the organic look.

14. Bujole - A 3 Style Vintage Font

This vintage font is a blast-from-the-past that comes with nifty symbols to make your designs irresistible.

15. French Fries - A Fun Doodley Font

This bold typeface features some tasty doodles to liven up any food-related project.

16. Fondue

This eclectic font family was inspired by the lettering used by the Mexican cartoonist Ernesto “El Chango” Cabral. Best for working with contemporary pieces that need Art Deco flair.

17. Sumac Typeface

This bold and friendly typeface is all about adding flavor with its four practical styles (rocky, timber, oblique, regular).

18. Pitter

Go from good to great in this pretty font duo that’s been carefully handcrafted to make sure each text looks beautiful.

19. Brocha Family

Whether you use this font for headlines or cookie packages, its bold and friendly design will work wonders either way!

20. Porker Font (+ Bonus Pack)

This deliciously bold font is loud for its stout appearance. Don’t underestimate a Porker that includes a set of high-quality vector icons to make your foodie dreams come true.

21. Ovsyanka Typeface

This “oatmeal” font comes in two styles (Regular and Press) that are just as healthy for the average designer.

22. La Fa Salt • Cursive Script & Serif

Nothing like a hand-drawn cursive script to bring out the vintage or romantic feel in any project.

23. Rosefield Typeface

Create lovely recipe books, food blogs, and more using this soft-edged exquisite typeface that’s simply calling for attention.

24. Something Fresh

What else goes great with good food? A perfectly good font so versatile that it works with just about anything.

25. Le Gourmet Typeface

This handmade font family made with ink and brush is the best complement for your food reviews, food blog, cookbook, or website logo.

26. Magenta Latte

A combination between sans and script, this typeface is the lemon you can always count on when life hands you a design project.

27. Macaron Handcrafted Typeface + Cakes

A baker’s dozen would not be complete without this beautifully handcrafted typeface that includes two styles — plus a bunch of watercolor vector cupcakes!

28. Vanilla Frosting Typeface

Never pass up a good deal. In this case, this awesome handmade typeface with lots of alternative glyphs, catchwords, and sparkly glitter effects!

29. Flow Handscript/Typeface

Taste something fresh with this well-designed handwriting typeface that’s bold and super detailed.

30. Takeaway

This fun font may look rustic, but it still features a clean look you can pair with an elegant theme or something more casual. You decide.

The right type of font can definitely make or break a project – so choose wisely. Creative Market shop owners can help you in this venture thanks to their global and unique creative points of view. With beautiful pre-made typography just a click away, life really is just a piece of cake.

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