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Looking for a Frutiger Alternative? Give One of These 10 Fonts a Try

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In 1968, Swiss designer Adrian Frutiger was given an enormous responsibility. He was charged with designing a new typeface for one of Europe’s busiest and most prestigious airports: Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.

Fortunately, Adrian Frutiger had plenty of pedigree in that particular field. He’d already got several successful typeface development projects on his resume. Univers, the popular sans-serif font family, for example, had been developed by Frutiger in the 1950s, establishing the Swede as a master of his craft. He even had experience with Parisian airport fonts, having been hired to create an entire alphabet for Paris Orly Airport some years earlier. Thus, he appeared to be the perfect man for the job, and so it proved.

Taking Concorde—a sans-serif font designed by Frutiger in the early 1960s—as his foundation, the Swede made some clever adjustments to improve legibility. He brought all the benefits of his experience and expertise to the design, focusing on readability and clean lines above all else. The result? “Roissy,” named after the location of Charles de Gaulle Airport, and later renamed “Frutiger,” when it was released for widespread use in 1976.

Since then, the Frutiger typeface has become one of the world’s most famous and beloved. Leading designers from Steve Matteson to Erik Spiekermann class it among the greatest typefaces of all, and it’s not hard to see why. With its gentle curves and total absence of any artistic flourishes or distractions, the Frutiger typeface embodies cleanliness and legibility. Indeed, it’s famed for being one of the easiest fonts to read, regardless of angle, viewing distance, or text size.

Thus, if you’re looking for a font with similar characteristics, it makes sense to focus on those that are similar in style to Frutiger. That’s what this list is here to help with. Let’s take a look at 10 fonts similar to Frutiger, with similar levels of readability, along with their own distinctive characteristics.

10 Fonts That Are Similar to Frutiger in Style and Impact


Brazil-based font creator Álvaro Thomáz was no doubt inspired by the work of Adrian Frutiger when he set about developing Antropil Regular. Clean, readable, and tidy, this font is remarkably similar to Frutiger, but with a couple of slight changes. The curves of Antropil are just a little softer than those of Frutiger, for instance, lending this font a gentle, almost playful vibe. It works notably well on small screens, retaining its readability remarkably well.
Starting at$14


Introducing Bluto, a highly versatile sans-serif typeface family, perfect for designers seeking text that is clean, readable, and punchy. Fusing all the best elements of geo-gothic and humanist typeface styles, this font family includes 10 different styles, ranging from light to heavy. A fitting font for almost any purpose, from logo creation to menus, posters, and sign design applications, Bluto is a veritable skeleton key of typography.
Starting at$22

Kelpt Sans

A clever twist on the original Kelpt typeface, Kelpt Sans is another versatile choice for almost any situation and a good alternative to the work of Adrian Frutiger. Notable for its delicate balancing act of flat terminals and sharp corners across its letterforms, Kelpt Sans is a sleek, contemporary, and elegant text with a distinctly corporate vibe. For editorial, publishing, and packaging, it’s one of the finest fonts similar to Frutiger to use.
Starting at$55


A family of 18 fonts, Barkanon aims to break free from the typical shackles of humanist sans-serif typefaces. Introducing modern elements with more traditional humanistic flow, it’s a fantastic fusion of the old and the new. With their aggressive curves and other distinctive elements, certain letters, like “K” and “G,” really stand out in this font. At the same time, it retains that clarity and readability that makes it so similar to Frutiger in key areas.
Starting at$39

Bio Sans

Designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa and inspired by the popular sans-serif font, Bebas Neue (made by the same designer), Bio Sans is an organic, natural, and contemporary family of similar fonts to Frutiger. The geometric construction of Bio Sans’ lettering makes it a good alternative to Frutiger for design applications, like logo design or signage.
Starting at$30


Out of all the fonts that are similar to Frutiger on this list, Freeset might be the closest of all in terms of cleanliness, form, and legibility. That’s no surprise, as Tagir Safayev, designer of the Freeset font library, actually based his creation on Frutiger itself. As such, Freeset is the perfect equivalent to consider if you want a suitable alternative to Frutiger for the likes of signs, print copy, and more.
Starting at$30

Quebec Serial

With its open apertures, simple lines, and charming, flowing curves, Quebec Serial is an elegant, almost genteel font family and a fine addition to the sans-serif font library. Just like Frutiger itself, Quebec Serial was crafted with legibility as the top priority. Regardless of the text size, screen size, viewing angle, or distance, this Frutiger-like sans-serif font never poses a challenge to the reader. Every character is crisp and clean, at both small and larger sizes, and the full set includes 14 separate styles for every situation.
Starting at$14.99


Modern and functional, with a style reminiscent of Frutiger, but also bringing to mind other fonts, from Roboto to Futura, DejaRip is another font with much to offer. This typeface, designed by Anatoletype, was originally created for use on mobile phones, which explains its emphasis on simplistic, geometric forms and neatness. It has something of a humble personality, not dissimilar to Frutiger in many ways, but is a masterful example of how clear, clean, functional font should be made. It’s a fantastic choice for corporate design projects, particularly on mobiles or small-screen devices in general.
Starting at$29.99

Croma Sans

Another font similar to Frutiger, Croms Sans comes to us from Dieter Hofrichter. Available on Fontspring, it includes 16 styles, ranging from the barely-there Thin and Extra Light variants to the chunky and impactful Black and Extra Bold forms. Each weight includes ligatures, lining figures, matching symbols for currency, and more.
Starting at$49

Epoca Pro

Designed in 2010, this is a classic, contemporary font in the vein of Frutiger and so many others. It boasts a neutral, organic, almost earthy quality, working equally well on the page in print form or as a collection of pixels on a screen. Indeed, very few fonts similar to Frutiger can match the universality and widespread usage potential of Epoca Pro.
Starting at$49

Frequently Asked Questions

What was Adrian Frutiger known for?

Adrian Frutiger was one of the most celebrated and successful typeface designers of all time. Some of his best-known designs, like Univers, Frutiger, and Avenir, are regarded among the most versatile and useful typefaces ever created, and his work spanned the breadth of typeface genres, from humanist to neo-grotesque.

What is the difference between Helvetica and Frutiger?

The first big difference between Helvetica and Frutiger concerns classification. Helvetica is generally classed as a grotesque or neo-grotesque sans-serif font, while Frutiger falls into the humanist category. There’s a little extra roundness to Frutiger’s shapes, with longer ascenders and a slightly shorter x-height.

Is Frutiger available in Google Fonts?

No, Frutiger is not currently available in the Google Fonts collection. However, there are several Google-based fonts that have strikingly similar designs to Frutiger, such as Roboto and Istok Web.

What are the key characteristics of Frutiger?

Key characteristics of Frutiger include its usage of very clean and minimalist symbols, maximizing legibility over everything else. Free of artistic flourishes, Adrian Frutiger even described his font as embodying a kind of “nudity” compared to the more artistic alternatives. Frutiger is also noted for its use of square dots over letters like “i” and “j,” and its wide, open apertures for letters like “a” and “s.”

How has Frutiger been used?

Some famous real-world examples of the Frutiger font in use include the National Health Service (NHS) in the U.K. and branding for companies like RadioShack.

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