Introducing Photos: Inspiring Images From Independent Photographers

By on May 2, 2016 in Announcements
Introducing Photos: Inspiring Images From Independent Photographers

Photos are such an important part of almost every creative project, yet somehow it's still so difficult to find authentic images among the mass of photos on other stock sites. And with the word "stock" used to describe the content, it's not surprising most of it looks generic and cookie-cutter, when all you're really after is real photos, of real people, living real lives, taken by real photographers.

So beginning today, we're setting out on a journey to bring you photos that authentically tell your story, with the launch of Photos on Creative Market. We're working to build a collection of the most honest, genuine photos from independent photographers with an eye for composition and a passion for their craft, that'll remind you why a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Pin ItRed Pomegranate by More Than Cake

Pin ItTrestles. by Paul Jarvis

Pin ItGreen Snake by McDermott Designs

Pin ItPainted Ladies, San Francisco, CA by Chuck Pearson Photography

Pin ItIntense Eyes by ZedProMedia

Pin ItRed Caddy by Lucas Alexander

Pin ItBenidorm by themeinnwit

Pin ItLittle Pitbull by Viktor Hanacek

Pin ItBroken Dreams by inspirationfeed

Pin ItHipster set 02 by Madebyvadim

Pin ItLazy seal on a dock by Teevio

Pin ItExtreme Sledding by Hal Gatewood

Pin ItSurf Board and Blue Skies by Wing's Art Studio

As a brand new category, we hope our initial collection saves you time looking for the perfect shot to represent your projects. And as our catalog grows, we'll keep that same commitment to highlighting quality, to make sure it's easy for you to find beautiful photos that are unique to you and don't feel like "stock".

We've also simplified the purchase process to get you in and out faster, as all photos on Creative Market are sold at their maximum resolution, at a single price point. So once you find the right photo, you won't have to worry about picking the right size and hoping it fits within your budget. Just check out and get back to your project right away.

We do things differently because our mission is to do for photographers what we've done for so many other creators - to give them a platform to make a living doing what they love: taking beautiful photos all day. That's why every photo purchased on Creative Market goes to support the photographer who obsessed over the perfect shot, held out for the perfect lighting, or used their years of experience to capture the perfect moment.

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Calling All Photographers!

If you're passionate about taking beautiful, authentic photos, come open a shop on Creative Market to see how we're different:

  • Keep 70% of each sale
    You put in the hard work, you deserve more from each sale.
  • Set your own prices
    Keep complete control over your portfolio and pricing.
  • No exclusivity lock-in
    Sell photos with us, on your own site, or anywhere else, without any penalties, reduced commissions or extra fees.
  • No per-photo review process
    Once your shop is approved, you'll be able to add photos to your shop instantly, without any approval waiting period.
  • Powerful distribution network
    Our fast-growing platform is built around driving exposure for independent artists. Keep producing great work, and we'll do everything we can to get you the recognition you deserve.

With your help, we can change an industry by focusing on quality over quantity, candid moments over staged scenes, and independent artists over big agencies - one photo at a time.

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    • Staff

    This is great! I love the simple buying/selling process (just like the rest of creative Market). It automatically sets you folks apart.

  1. I've been looking forward to this! Now I can never go elsewhere for resources since the thing I mostly buy are stock photos :)

  2. So excited to hear this announcement! I added a few of my own photos to my shop and can't wait to put this new category to use! Creative Market is surely becoming a primary asset for me and my freelance business. Keep up the awesome work, everyone! :)

  3. This is such a lovely addition to CM and will be so useful to me. Great work guys, I share with all my photographer friends!

  4. This is great. It's so true. It's insanely hard to find great photos for projects. Stock sites have lots of photos, but not really artistic and honest ones.

    I'm excited that we're all getting access to so many useful photos!

  5. Whoa!! Now this is awesome!! Glad that photos are officially here. And I love the selections I am seeing so far.

  6. Sure this is good news, but I'm curious about how would you fight against low quality photos. This could fill up the CM with a lot of mess.

  7. Is it better to upload photos in Adobe RGB or is sRGB the preferred choice?

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