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Let's Talk About Threads, Baby

Aaron Epstein March 27, 2024 · 1 min read

When we set out to build Creative Market, we always had dreams of creating more than just a marketplace where transactions take place. We wanted to create a community where creators, designers, and makers could come together to exchange resources, feedback, tips and tricks to build relationships that help make the world more beautiful. And even though we’ve seen some great conversations happen on product pages, we’ve built something even better to bring the community closer together.

So we’re excited for you to check out the brand new Discussions section on Creative Market! We’ve organized the Discussions into six main topic groups:

  • General Topics
    Open-ended conversations all about design and digital goods.
  • Request a Product
    A place to request products you can’t find in the marketplace.
  • Product Feedback
    Get feedback to improve your in-progress products and design projects.
  • Product Showcase
    Show off what you’ve made with your Creative Market purchases.
  • Shop Owners Only
    An exclusive place for Creative Market shop owners to share insider knowledge, tips, and tricks.

So get to know your fellow Creative Market community and jump into the conversation today!

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