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  • very cool article! I think the Tokyo 2020 Candidate City logo is the strongest of the bids and recent winners. I like that what they added (the purple) is small and complimentary to the overall design. The Star/Snowflake from the Sochi design is my close second. 8 years ago
  • Wow...the creation of Rio 2016 it's a great inspiration for us! 8 years ago
  • Cool article. I actually liked the Madrid logo. 8 years ago
  • @John Shaver ha, I did too. It's fun. :) 8 years ago
  • Sochi is my favorite. 8 years ago
  • Agreed with Rick. I love the Tokyo logo. 8 years ago
  • Sochi & Rio - my favorites! I like the simplicity of Tokio caption (with the red circle), too. 8 years ago
  • Rio and Tokyo are my favs. Need to start saving cause I really would like to go to Tokyo. 8 years ago
  • My favorite is the Rio logo -- I love the swooping, flying, turning motion. 8 years ago
  • Istanbul's 2020 Olympic games logo design is very attractive and amazing which is representing the reflection of Turkey. It is right that Turkey is out of the race now as Japan got 2020 Olympics but Turkish's logo is impressive more than Japan's. 8 years ago
  • Of course the Vancouver logo looks like a stone creature. It is one. It's supposed to be an Inukshuk, a stone landmark used by the Northern peoples such as the Inuit. 8 years ago
  • I love the creative process shown in the Rio video! Great inspiration! 8 years ago
  • Anonymous
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