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Meet the Search Engine with 13 Million Design Ideas

Kevin Whipps March 31, 2021 · 2 min read

When you start on a new project, sometimes it helps to peruse the Internet and get some cool ideas for what others have done. It can help spark your creativity, but at the same time it can be frustrating because it becomes a hunt-and-peck procedure.

Now there’s Crayon, a website that offers “Insights for Marketers,” but if you’re not a marketer, don’t worry about that part. Basically, it’s a place to see designs that other people have done, and then either save them for later viewing or email them off. It’s free to setup an account, and since there are sharing features, it means that you can collaborate with your coworkers to get things done.

You can pick and choose from tons of different variations. For example, you can choose the device, traffic level, and CMS, and Crayon will use their filters to narrow things down. One test I did showed Home Pages done in WordPress for Digital Games and how they look on an iPhone 6. I received 1,110 results — that’s not bad.

Time will tell if Crayon is going to be your next go-to source for design inspiration, but it’s off to a great start so far. Check it out — who knows what you’ll find.

Kevin Whipps is a writer and editor based in Phoenix, Arizona. When he’s not working on one of the many projects in his queue, he’s looking for fun and irreverent things online to share with his friends.

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  • Thanks for sharing the Crayon story, Kevin. We're big fans of CreativeMarket and are psyched to be featured by you guys. We've got lots of great features coming to Crayon soon - for marketers AND designers, so stay tuned! 7 years ago
  • Very interesting tool. I think I'll stick to Dribbble for now, since it seems like a more reliable source when I'm looking for top-notch work, but I'll definitely give Crayon a try at some point. 7 years ago
  • Thanks, but no thanks! I'm not one for forcing someone to sign up to use a product. Give me the option and you'll probably get me at some point. Plenty of other similar services that DO NOT require you to sign up. 7 years ago