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Quiz: Can You Match the Band to the Album Cover Design?

Creative Market March 31, 2021 · 2 min read

Can You Match the Band to the Album Cover?

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but music has shown cover design can be eye-catching and iconic. Can you match the music act to their album artwork?

Let’s start with an easy one – which band used this image on an album cover?


Led Zeppelin


The Rolling Stones

This was the final album cover of which band renowned for great cover art?

The Beatles

Led Zeppelin

Pink Floyd


Fashion designer Alexander McQueen designed this cover for which singer?


Katy Perry

Lady Gaga


Name the band who put out this Diamond-certified album

Led Zeppelin

Pearl Jam


The Smashing Pumpkins

Legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz snapped this cover image for which artist?

Bruce Springsteen

Garth Brooks

John Mellencamp

Tom Petty

This image combining elements of various US cities was the cover of which artist’s 2014 album?


Ed Sheeran

Foo Fighters

Lady Gaga

Jim Steinman and Richard Corben put together this cover art for which singer?

Alice Cooper

Meat Loaf

Ozzy Osbourne

Robert Plant

Which rapper-turned-actor used this image on an album cover?

Ice Cube


LL Cool J

Will Smith

This iconic 1963 photo of a Buddhist monk immolating himself during the Vietnam War was used by which band?




Rage Against The Machine

This was the cover of a Grammy-winning 1970s album by which band?


Black Sabbath

Led Zeppelin

The Who

This striking design was on which band’s 2004 album?

Green Day

Pearl Jam


The White Stripes

An easy one to finish: name the band behind this iconic album cover

Arcade Fire


The Beatles

The Rolling Stones


Oh no, you really screwed the pooch. You need to put away the Justin Bieber and brush up on your cover design and music knowledge. Better luck next time.

Opening act effort!

Okay, so you’re quite not ready for the big leagues yet but you did show some promise when it comes to album cover art. Keep going, and better luck next time.

Support act

You’re not quite a cover art superstar, but you’ve definitely got some talent.

Grammy Winning Performance!

Congratulations, you’re a true champion when it comes to recognizing cover art.

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