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Quiz: What's Your Design Spirit Animal?

Creative Market April 9, 2024 · 3 min read

What’s your design spirit animal?

We all need something magical or mystical to help us at times. So if there was an animal giving you a helping paw, hoof or even fin – what animal would it be? And how will it reflect the intriguing mix of your design skills and true personality?


Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the office! You’re the sort of designer who is always moving, circling and finding new areas to explore. Never one to always take the safe route, your sleek lines always grab attention.

Rumor has it that your competitors are frightened to dip their toes anywhere near your creative waters!


Intelligent, versatile and a master problem solver, you’ve been matched with the one of the cleverest creatures in the ocean. The perfect person to go to when someone needs an extra hand, you’re certainly no sucker when it comes to creating something useful AND beautiful.

You can adapt to fit many roles within your niche and you do it with a sense of style!


Not only do you reach soaring heights with impressive speed you can also dive down to examine the smallest detail. Nothing gets past your beady eyes and it only takes the warm wind of inspiration to set you going on your upward glide to greatness!


A true team player you’re happy to wear many different hats if it brings an advantage to the whole group. You probably also help build team spirits with your playful antics when you’re busy being very important.

You’ve also got the sort of unwavering attention to detail that makes sure that everyone really digs you!


You’re the sort of person that every team needs. That rare breed of designer who keeps calm in a crisis. You let others gets over-excited or anxious over deadlines or tricky projects. There is nothing to be gained by flapping about and complaining when you really need to just sit down and get on with it.

Rumor has it that you give the best hugs too!

Your design style is:


In your face



Which sense would you prefer to have absolutely mastered?





Are you a dog or cat person (and yes you have to choose one!)?



You work best:

Early in the morning

Around mid-morning (after a coffee or two)

After lunch

Late at night

If something’s been done before:

It can be improved

It shouldn’t be copied

What could persuade you to change job?

More money!

Better projects

A better working space or less of a commute

If they had better coffee!

Someone is angry but it’s not your fault. You’d prefer them to be:

My boss

A co-worker

A client

Your natural working habitat is:

A busy office

A cafe or bar

Somewhere quiet

Somewhere eccentric and inspiring

Your ideal role is working:

By myself

In a fun small team

In a big company with lots of prospects

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