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Stunning Photos of Mouthwatering Snacks Around The World

Kevin Whipps April 11, 2024 · 7 min read

When you get hungry and want a snack, what do you reach for? On my end, it’s usually some Baked Lays potato chips (plain, but if I’m feeling fancy it’s BBQ), or if my sweet tooth is tingling, it’s Reese’s Pieces. I have no idea why, but I’m hooked on those little things. But what about the rest of the world? What do people in other countries snack on? Well you can find out if you follow Girl Eat World on Instagram, where blogger and photographer Melissa Hie posts the fun food that she discovers on her travels across the world. Based in Singapore, Melissa started the project when a friend of hers took notice of the fun food pics that she posted to Facebook. He suggested that she take those shots to Instagram. And since he had a popular page as well (@nycars), she figured that he knew what he was talking about. And so far, he’s right.
But let’s get back to the goods here: the food.

???????????????? The cuuuutest handmade cat donut from Floresta Nature Donuts @floresta_nature_doughnuts at Shin Kyogoku 新京極 Market in Kyoto. These are called Doubutsu Donut どうぶつドーナツ or “Animal Donut”. I have wanted one since I saw them on instagram awhile back! These animal donuts became a sensation about 4 years ago, created by Floresta in Nara. Due to the massive success of the animal donuts, they now have branches all over Kansai region (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, etc)! There are many different animal designs, but this cat donut is one of their original designs. The donuts are all cake-based and the ears are made of almonds. So adorable! Special thanks to my friend @soulstruck for the tips ❤️! @op.118 and I practically ran to find these donuts when you told us there is one near Nishiki Market! #ShotOniPhone6s #ShotOniPhone6sPlus #toocutetoeat #floresta #どうぶつドーナツ #donutscookiesandcream #eeeeeats #buzzfeedfood

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#GirlEatWorld Kandil Simidi by @sezyilmaz with a view of Istanbul on top of Galata Tower ????????. Kandil Simidi is a bread ring decorated with sesame seeds which are shared with relatives and neighbor during the Islamic holy nights Kandil. There are five kandils in a year, and one that just passed by this past December 22/23 is the Mevlid Kandili – the birth of prophet Mohammad. The day is usually celebrated by a sermon, remembrance of the Prophet’s life and mission, gift giving and a feast. Sounds familiar right? ???? This holy night is also celebrated in Indonesia, my birth country under the name Maulid Nabi. I heard it caused quite the traffic jam with people trying to go back to their home town out of Jakarta for both Christmas and Maulid Nabi (which does not fall on the same date every year) ????

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Happy Monday! Missing this Hello Kitty donut at the organized chaos of the shibuya crossing in Tokyo ????????????. The Shibuya “scramble” crossing is well known for people watching and a must visit while in Tokyo. When the traffic lights turn red, pedestrians would pour out from all sides and meet in the middle of the intersection. I find it very calming to watch from afar. Also, Hachiko statue is in one of the corners of this intersection! — I’ve been spending some time re-learning Japanese through and I love it so much! To my fellow 日本語 learners, i highly recommend checking out @iknowjp to review your kanji, listening skills and vocabularies. It makes the learning process super fun compared to using flash cards! However, this app will not teach Japanese from scratch – you have to use this in conjunction of a text book since they do not teach you grammar. I wish apps like this existed when I was learning Japanese in college! You can also learn other language like Chinese and English for SAT learners #iKnowjp

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???????????? Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I’m super excited to let you know Fat Tire Paris (@FatTireParis) is giving away a FREE TRIP TO PARIS FOR TWO. This includes flights, accommodation and custom itinerary with Fat Tire tours in the magical city of love! Contest ends on 30 September. ????????????Click the link in my bio for info! How do I know about Fat Tire tours? ???? When I went on my europe trip two years ago, looong before #GirlEatWorld was born, I booked a day tour with Fat Tire tours to see the city of Berlin on a bike. I ended up enjoying the day so much that I came back the next day and did another half day tour with them. The best way to really experience a city is on a bike! Since then, I have been recommending this tour to my friends who visit Europe. I hope one of you gets the chance to experience the tour too ???? #FatTireParisGiveAway #FatTireParis #sp

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