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Subway Redesigns its Logo for a New Age

Kevin Whipps March 31, 2021 · 1 min read

If you drew a one-mile radius around my house located in suburbia, you’d trap four Subway restaurants inside like they were Pokemon. Fact is, Subway restaurants are everywhere, even the Pentagon, so it’s clear that they’re popular. And now, they have a new logo.
As recounted in detail over at Logo Design Love, the brand has a history that goes back to 1965, and a tiny location in Bridgeport, Connecticut. This one:
Original Subway restaurant
The logo first appeared shortly thereafter on what would be their third location:
first version subway logo
And if you really want some 1970’s goodness, you’ve got to check out one of their commercials from 1977:

Since then, they’ve shifted away from all that, and you probably know this logo best:
Subway logo
And now, they have a new logo in the form of a monogram and a wordmark. Check out their introductory video for the logo and the two marks themselves now.

2016 Subway logo wordmark
2016 Subway logo monogram
So what do you think? Is the redesign a good look or should they stick with the old school?

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