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The Creative Market Super Deluxe Bundle: 60 Items For Only $39!

Creative Market March 31, 2021 · 1 min read
We’ve pulled in some of our most talented shop owners to bring you another amazing bundle of goods. The Super Deluxe Bundle includes 60 items worth $694, for just $39. That’s 94% off the original cost of these items! This deal is too good to stick around though, it’ll be gone in seven days. Grab it before it goes.

Get Three Free Goods Just for Sharing!

Whether you purchase the bundle or not, you’ll want to take advantage of these awesome free goods that you get just for sharing the bundle on Twitter or Facebook. Check out the bundle page for more information on how this works.

The Creative Market Super Deluxe Bundle

Here’s a quick look at all of the great products that you’ll find in The Creative Market Super Deluxe Bundle. Remember that bundles only last a week so this is your one shot to grab all these awesome items in one affordable purchase. For full details, head over to the bundle page. Tip: You can now download every item in a purchased bundle with one click!


Wing’s Art and Design

Rob Brink


Román Jusdado


Good Stuff, No Nonsense

Leonard Posavec

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