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This Week's Fresh Design Products: Vol. 77

Matt Borchert March 31, 2021 · 2 min read
Fresh Design Products is a regular series in which we highlight and celebrate fantastic new products that have been recently uploaded to the marketplace by new and seasoned Creative Market shop owners. It’s sort of like a quick stroll through a farmer’s market of design and creativity. Enjoy the sights, pick up new products, and follow talented shop owners. The products and shops curated for this series are selected by our Community Curator, Matt Borchert.

Brand New Shops

Talented designers are opening shops in the marketplace each week. We’re spotlighting a few promising new shop owners who are knocking it out of the park by uploading beautiful new design products to launch their shops! The previews you see here are often just a small taste of each shop’s full future offering, so be sure to follow them to stay tuned for more amazing assets.


Ben started his shop off with three highly stylized fonts.


Yolanda creates a mixture of items including gold foil overlays and social media packs.


Dennis creates high quality vector texture packs.


Racheal offers highly professional resume templates for sale in her shop.


Sergey is a photographer with a shop full of stunning images, including one of an incredibly cute puppy.


Babysbreath Design already has a shop stocked full of floral illustrations.

Debut Uploads

In this section, we highlight new shop owners who have recently uploaded their very first product. If you like what they have to offer, encourage them to add more products for sale by commenting on and purchasing their first product.

Seasoned Veterans

Some of our shop owners at Creative Market have been in the marketplace and our community for quite some time. We want to recognize these hard working creators by sharing select new products as they release them. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the latest offerings from our popular and up-and-coming shops.
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  • Anonymous
    Beautiful products! I hope one day, one of my products will make it into "This Week's Fresh Design Products". 5 years ago
  • Anonymous
    Thank you for showcasing my products! Great birthday present. 5 years ago
  • Anonymous
    @Matt Borchert, tremendous thanks to you for making my first week as a brand new Creative Market shop owner a Brilliant one! I am over-the-moon thrilled to be featured in this blog amidst such great talent! Just wanted you and Creative Market to know that you have a very happy Yollie here in the Strand, Cape Town, South Africa! :-D 5 years ago
  • Thank you so so much for the feature! What a heart warming welcome present! We're already completely in love with our "new home and neighborhood" over here. We didn't expect our start to be that cool :) Feels so good being between so talented and motivated people. We wish everybody a successful start and a day full of creative ideas! 5 years ago
  • Anonymous
    What a nice surprise! @Matt Borchert thank you so much for featuring our font "Boho Spirit" ! :) 5 years ago
  • Anonymous
    Thank you so much for feature my work! I'm so happy and honored to being between a lot of talented people! :) 5 years ago
  • Anonymous
    Thank you so much for including my "Urban Jungle" in this week's fresh design products! I appreciate it so much, such initiatives help me get motivated to push harder every day. Feels great to be part of such a nice collection! I hope everyone has an inspiring week! 5 years ago
  • Anonymous
    Thanks so much for featuring my woodland portraits! I really do love the community and sharing aspect of Creative Market. It's great to be included with so many other talented and creative design products. 5 years ago
  • Anonymous
    Yay! Its great to see my hand drawn florals featured in this post! I already feel welcome into the community. I'm so so inspired by everyone else's work and can't wait to make my next product. 5 years ago
  • Anonymous
    Thank you so much! It is so great to see my first font to be showcase in here! 5 years ago
  • Anonymous
    Thank you so much for sharing my product in this section! :)))) 5 years ago
  • Anonymous
    Thanks, Matt! I'm so honored to be included on this awesome list of talented creatives! 5 years ago
  • Anonymous
    Thanks for featuring our font 'Emmeline' Matt! Great to see all the amazing products by talented designers here too. 5 years ago
  • Anonymous
    Thanks so much for featuring my Bold Ink Patterns! I love Creative Market, great community and beautiful collection of new products, thank you guys! :) 5 years ago
  • Anonymous
    Thanks for the feature! Very exciting! 5 years ago
  • Anonymous
    Wow! What a warm welcome, Thanks for the feature.. Super excited to see this! 5 years ago
  • Anonymous
    👍 5 years ago
  • Anonymous
    Thanks a lot for feature my work "Summer Paradise kit!" ! I'm so happy :) 5 years ago
  • Anonymous
    Thank you for featuring my new font Royal Elk. Such a great collection of new products this week! 5 years ago
  • Anonymous
    This is great! Thanks for featuring my vector packs. 5 years ago
  • Anonymous
    Thanks so much for featuring me! I'm so happy :) 5 years ago
  • Great collection. I love the gold foil 5 years ago