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Introducing Our Color of the Season: Orchid Funk

Laura Busche January 29, 2024 · 2 min read

Here’s a vibrant purple that demands attention, challenges norms, and celebrates the spirit of innovation. Introducing Orchid Funk, our new Color of the Season. 

Layered with grain and dust, Orchid Funk evokes the gritty energy of 70s album covers – a reminder of that raw, unfiltered creativity that pushes boundaries. Laid flat against 90s-00s graphics, it yells Y2K – a nod to a time when digital design was just finding its feet, bold and unapologetic. Among soft gradients, Orchid Funk injects warmth.

When placed next to black, Orchid Funk creates a surreal, futuristic atmosphere. Pair it with bright hues, and it’s suddenly giving carnivals – a spectacle of joy and uninhibited expression. It’s a color that’s equally at home in retro designs as it is in forward-thinking projects.

Orchid Funk is a playful purple for unusual times, a color that doesn’t just sit quietly. And neither should you.

Featuring Eclectic Boho Retro Summer Graphics by Laras Wonderland, Halftone dot collage creator by LaVika, Wubble 2.0 3D Chrome Font Set by Sam Parrett, Gush – Tropic Font by Sans & Sons, Neon Textures by NKate, Heroxy Display Font by Kulokale, and Geska Rolling – Groovy Retro Font by Kulokale.

Meet Orchid Funk

To make sure you’re working with the same color, we’re providing equivalencies in hexadecimal, CMYK, RGB, and Pantone systems below.

HEX: #c94cde

RGB: 201, 76, 222

CMYK: 38, 76, 0, 0

Looking for a refresher on the various color codes, what they mean, and their applications? Make sure to check out this article where we explore the differences and technical details you need to know.

Our Orchid Funk Collection

We have curated inspiring Creative Market products that are already using our Color of the Season or slight variations of it. Check out the full collection, featuring some of these outstanding assets:

Vibrant Palettes Using Orchid Funk

Wondering how to apply Orchid Funk in your next project? These palettes complement our Color of the Season and are ready to use. To download the free SVG file, make sure you’re signed into your Creative Market account.

Orchid Funk Palettes
Try our Color of the Season
Download color palettes using Orchid Funk

Download our set of color palettes in SVG and start using them in your favorite design app.

Download the palettes

Start Using Our Color of the Season

Try your hand at this hue with a template or graphic that is well-considered and ready to use. Check out our collection here.

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