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Work From Home: The 10 Best Sites for Landing a Remote Job

By on May 2, 2016 in Inspiration
Work From Home: The 10 Best Sites for Landing a Remote Job

A long commute, terrible traffic, constant distractions and impromptu meetings; there are a ton of reasons that you might find your office gig to be more hassle than its worth. If you're ready to trade in your cubicle for a home office, then it's time to start your remote job hunt. These days, there are tons of companies who actively recruit remote designers, developers, and other tech-focused roles. The trick is simply finding what's out there. Hopefully, this list of ten awesome remote job sites will be your first step towards your exciting new career, sans the drive to work!

1. JobsRemotely


As the title suggests, JobsRemotely only handles remote work opportunities. There are no fees associated with using this site which, is cool. When looking at their job listings, use the ‘Browse All’ option and then you can narrow your search from there, giving you more job options to consider.

They have a Facebook page that lists the jobs as well, that may be more appealing if you prefer to just scroll down and see more details of the job rather than having to click on the job for more information on their main site.

2. Jobscribe


The benefit of Jobscribe is that you can specifically target your area of interest and receive emails that fit your profile. In addition, you receive the option to choose how frequently you want to receive notifications (daily, weekly, or monthly). It’s a hassle-free way to see what’s available out there, no matter what stage your career is in, so you can keep your options open.

3. FlexJobs


As an A+ business by the Better Business Bureau, FlexJobs has been reported on CNN, USA Today, NBC and other notable news sources. The site is fee based, but reasonable. If you only want to pay for one month, the fee is $14.95 but if you choose three months for $29.95, you’re only paying $10 per month. A year long subscription is $69.95, which is a 61% savings. It all depends on what your objectives are, as in part-time, short-term, full-time, or long-term.

As a visitor to the site, you are able to check out what jobs are available. This is a great tool to see what they have to offer, and if it looks promising, then you can decide to join for whatever length of time you feel you may need. Since FlexJobs also provides jobs at specific locations, should you only want to see remote jobs, be sure to click on the ‘job type’ bar and select ‘remote only’ or you’ll get frustrated sifting through the wide variety they have to offer.

4. We Work Remotely


We Work Remotely is a ‘no-nonsense’ site for finding remote design and development work that has no fees associated with job seekers. The only thing that is a bit of a drawback is that the listings aren’t as plentiful as other sites, but the companies they work with are solid.

5. Wfh.io


When visiting Wfh.io, just click on ‘View Jobs’ and the opportunities available will be listed by category and date listed. They have a queue ‘mailing list’ where you can sign up for free, checking job categories of interest and then receive an email when jobs in those categories are new listings. You will also receive emails when announcing site updates to keep you in the loop of their activity.

No fees are attached to searching this site. Should you have an interest in gaining remote work with a specific company, check out their ‘Companies’ tab on top which has a very long list of companies they work with and indicate if they have any current job listings.

6. RemoteWorkHunt


RemoteWorkHunt is one of the easiest sites to navigate through. The top queue bar gives the work categories, so simply clicking on your area of interest provides you with all jobs in your field. If you click on ‘Subscribe’ you can enter your email to receive job notifications. This site offers solid remote positions with great organizations, but the amount of jobs listed is not as large. It's still worth the viewing if you’re in the hunt!

7. NomadCenter


NomadCenter provides one of the larger pools of remote job opportunities and is fairly easy to navigate through. There is no fee for job searchers or, apparently, employee hunters. Yet there is also no line asking what you’re searching for, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for so you can enter it on the site search. With that said, as long as you know what you’re looking for, it’s worth checking into.

8. Working Nomads


Another site dedicated to remote work, Working Nomads is heavy on design and development positions. Out of 6 job categories listed, development is at the top and design has the second most opportunities. At the time of writing, they have 310 jobs listed for development work and 44 in the design category. Not bad! There is no fee attached and it also provides the option to subscribe for free to receive emails regarding new jobs you may be interested in. Definitely worth having a look.

9. Virtual Vocations


Virtual Vocations is another very comprehensive site. Although currently holding a B+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, they have consistently sought to improve customer satisfaction to up their rating and are close to an A rating. They offer both free and paid memberships. Pricing for paid memberships are listed as $6.99 for weekly, $15.99 for monthly, $39.99 for 3 months, and $59.99 for 6 months. In the worst case scenario, you’re looking at $10 per month long term to access the site.

With a free membership, you can access jobs, list your resume, access a record of jobs you’ve applied to and create personal notes on jobs applied to. The benefits of being a paid member provide access to a database of telecommuting companies, create a personalized portfolio of work samples and a confidential upload and storage of resume and cover letters to quickly apply to new jobs. They claim to be the largest, screened telecommute jobs database and possibly may be. When you enter the site, there is a list to choose from larger than any we’ve seen so far.

10. Remote Internships


Remote Internships is a great site to help a designer get their foot into the door of a tech startup. If you want to make your mark on a startup, this is the place to go. Their intern focus is on Programming, Design, Business, Marketing, Copywriting, Customer Support and Miscellaneous. Definitely a good spot for a cutting edge talent.

What'd We Miss?

We searched far and wide for the best remote job sites, but we've no doubt missed a few gems. Leave a comment and let us know about any that you've seen lately. Also let us know if you've tried any of the sites above and whether or not you found them to be valuable.

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  1. SubwayParty

    Thank you for this list! It will come handy to many freelance designers!

  2. viritual.johndoe

    I think the best sites for remote work are: upwork (odesk and elance), staff.com, freelancer.com

    Check these sites and see if you can find a suitable job for you. Good luck!

  3. sabon.keim

    Great list of remote job sites! You can also check us out at remote brothers jobs for more:

  4. shani.msw

    Just so you know, half of these links do not work. You might want to update this post with links that actually go to the listed websites.

  5. kathi.ashby

    As a stay at home mom I recommend "Medical Coding" as a wonderful work from home option. Yes, you will need training. You can't just code medical records without having proper training. However, this is a real and promising career. I used to work for "Career Step" and they have an awesome Medical Coding course.


    Their training is done online and is self-paced. You could finish the program in 4 months but 6 months is probably more realistic. They do however give you up to a year to get it all done. Their program is approved by the American Health Information Management Association and the American Academy of Professional Coders. They work with companies such as CIOX Health, Lexicode, OS2-HCS, TrustHCS, Inovalon, Mckesson that hire their grads to work from home right out of the program.

    The average salary for this career is about $40,000. Their entire program including books, instructors and job assistance is around $3,000 and they offer sweet payment plans.

    If you want more info, reference links or have questions let me know @ katherine.b.ashby@gmail.com

  6. Normajohnson274

    Good thoughts. I've worked as a freelance programmer for quite some time, back when Odesk was the thing and even before that, but started to realise that new kids offer something that old platforms don't seem to care about cause they're so big and famous. Insolvo for one claims that they use AI that helps to get a better client-pro match. Donno if it's a gimmick but so far seems to work just fine!

  7. clydi

    With Covid still in the back of our minds, we all know that remote work is there to stay.
    The question is, how do you find a good remote job. You probably don’t have the time to visit all these job sites to find the right job.

    A new service a https://remotists.com/ might have a solution for you.

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