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Creative Market Introduces Worry-Free Design Asset Licenses for Enterprises

Creative Market April 30, 2024 · 3 min read

Today, Creative Market is announcing the introduction of Worry-Free Enterprise Licenses, designed to liberate and empower enterprise brand owners and creatives, leveraging the most diverse and unique collection of design assets on the market. 

Empowering Enterprises to Create with Confidence

The introduction of our Worry-Free Enterprise Licenses marks a significant step forward, offering peace of mind for creative teams looking to innovate without constraint.

Understanding the evolving demands of enterprise-level creative work, Creative Market’s Worry-Free Licensing empowers teams with: 

  • No annual commitments or hidden costs
  • One-time, Perpetual, Global licenses to design with confidence
  • Self-hosted solutions for app, website, and epub embedding – with no reporting, counting or tracking requirements
  • Unlimited options for total branding flexibility across all media types
  • Free consultation with our brand font alternatives experts

The new Worry-Free License “liberates enterprises, allowing them to focus on creating groundbreaking designs, not paperwork,” says Matthew Castonguay, VP of Sales at Creative Market. “We’re determined to become your team’s go-to creative partner, offering access to a massive asset inventory, deep licensing expertise, and the most brand-friendly licensing terms in the industry.”

Expanding the Horizon with Our Enterprise Sales Team

Understanding the diverse and specific needs of enterprises today, Creative Market has also expanded its Enterprise Sales team. This skilled group of account executives is dedicated to crafting custom, multi-seat licenses that incorporate extended commercial usage terms, perpetual licensing, team subscriptions, and more. With decades of industry experience, this team stands ready to support a company’s bold vision and help bring it to life, fast.

The Road Ahead: Becoming The World’s Destination for Design

Gone are the days of toggling between multiple suppliers for design needs. Creative Market aims to become the one-stop destination for creative teams aiming to break the mold. 

Creative Market’s extensive font selection has over 280,000 fonts to choose from for any enterprises’ needs.  This paired with an expansive catalog of graphics, templates, photos and more is revolutionizing how creative projects are executed. Unique to Creative Market, Worry-free Licensing facilitates unbound creativity at scale. Everything from striking illustrations to dynamic website themes and unique stock footage is readily available, ensuring your creative projects are not just transformed but legally covered.

About Creative Market

Creative Market is the one-stop marketplace for design assets. From fonts to themes, graphics to templates, we provide creative professionals with the tools they need to bring their visions to life.

For more information, please visit Creative Market.

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