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Your brand is stylish and chic – and always in the know. The Emerald theme combines the Pantone color for 2013 with pink elements and cursive font. The static navigation sidebar, on the left, keeps your main links and logo visible to readers as they explore your site. Don't like static sidebar? Afraid not, you can disabled it and the left sidebar will be scroll-able making it suitable for 3 columns blog.

FOR PRE-SALES QUESTIONS, please check http://www.bluchic.com/faq or send us a message.


Desktop, tablet, mobile – your website will fit every screen on which it is displayed, showcasing your content ideally and beautifully.

Most of the color elements can be changed in Theme Options using Color Wheel Picker. However, some are images that need to be replaced and some require Custom CSS.

Use the logo designed for your theme package (Photoshop file is included so you can edit the default logo graphic & text) or upload your own logo.

Set featured image for the slider and have the flexibility to link the slider to any Page/Post. Slider can be enabled or disabled in Theme Options.

Head to the Theme Options panel to make quick changes without diving into the coding. Enable/disable slider, add Google Analytics code, add a favicon, add social media icons, enable related posts, enable excerpt entry and more.

Skip the coding and use our Shortcode generator to make changes with columns, button, contact forms, accordion, info box, slider in the post and more.

Remain confident in your theme. We’ve tested it across the latest versions of the most popular browsers (IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera) – and they work!

Translate into any local language (e.g. French, Portugese, and more) using the included .po/.mo files. We include everything you need to get started.

When theme update is available, just click a button on the WordPress admin panel. Ditch the old method of replacing files via FTP, where code falls through the cracks.

We provide raw design files, at no extra charge if you’re eager to do advance customization. Includes layered Photoshop files of header logo, homepage and blog.

THEME DOCUMENTATION - http://bluchic.com/support/knowledgebase.php
We don’t put together your website, but we get you there with the in-depth Theme Documentation. Follow our guide developed for your theme to get started.

HELPFUL SUPPORT - http://www.bluchic.com/support/
We offer support via Support Ticket. We generally reply to any support queries in order received within 24 hours depending on the issue complexity and our workload.

You will receive a download zip file. After unzip it, you will see the following:
- WordPress Theme zip file (to be uploaded)
- Layered Photoshop files of header logo, homepage and blog layout
- Read Me file
- License file


NOTE: BLUCHIC THEME DOES NOT WORK ON WORDPRESS.COM. Our theme works with self-hosted WordPress.org, which means you’ll need a domain name and hosting account first. For more info, please read our getting started guide http://www.bluchic.com/getting-started-guide


  1. Reg Q

    Excellent looking theme! Which eCommerce plugin do you use in the preview site? I love the shopping cart page and the easy way you can select items. If I purchase this theme I would want to use the same plugin. Thank you!

  2. Fran Coleman

    I am considering moving my blog from blogger to hosted WP. I LOVE this design & I am happy that I can make the HP a blog layout VS website.
    Am I able to keep the image slider and have my blog under it instead of the Hp style pictured in the demo?
    Am I able to organize my Left Sidebar?
    Am I able to install my own social media buttons instead of the ones you supply?
    Am I able to move the content from my old blog over to the new blog (do you do that or can you link me in the right direction?)
    Thank you so much for the lovely designs!

  3. BluChic
    • Shop Owner

    Hi Fran Coleman,

    1. You can have slider on top follows by blog posts under it.
    2. Yes, left sidebar is widget ready so you can organize or add anything to it. However please note that since it is a static sidebar, which means it doesn't scroll, it's recommended to limit the amount of stuffs shown on left sidebar.
    3. Yes, you can install other social media plugin however we do not guarantee the compatibility.
    4. Yes, you can move content from one blog to another blog. That is part of WordPress functionality, you can search online for it as we do not provide support for WordPress.

    Hope that helps. Let us know if there is anything else. Thank you!

  4. YK Marquez

    Beautiful! Is it possible to add a store for this template? Sorry, I'm a little not too techy. ;)

  5. BluChic
    • Shop Owner

    Hi @YK Marquez , You can install eCommerce plugin such as woocommerce or jigoshop. However, since our themes aren't built for eCommerce mainly, they might not be 100% compatible (e.g in terms of responsive layout).

  6. BluChic
    • Shop Owner

    Hi @YK Marquez , please note we're referring to the eCommerce part (re: responsive), aside from that you'll need to consider the widgets from respective eCommerce plugin (e.g.popular products, etc) and etc. Basically we don't guarantee that our themes will look 100% great with the eCommerce plugin. Thank you for understanding.

  7. Wendy Smits

    Its a nice theme but with a few complications. First off: it's weird that the sidebar is static, since on a macbook 13" you wont' see the whole sidebar. Also, when uploading photos and adding descriptions, the styling of the whole page goes wrong, even though the code seems good.

  8. BluChic
    • Shop Owner

    Hi @Wendy Smits , appreciate your feedback. With the static left sidebar, the logo and menu navigation will stay visible as readers scroll down the page. And yes, the info on left sidebar might be cut off on smaller screen resolution therefore it's suitable for menu navigation and little info only.

    As for "when uploading photos and adding descriptions, the styling of the whole page goes wrong", can you please elaborate more so we can look into the issue? Do you refer to the image in post or others?

    Also, if you have purchased the theme, you can submit a support ticket for immediate assistance. Thank you!

  9. Chavonne Marchesiello


    I messaged the company privately, but realized that I got the standard emerald, when I meant to buy the bundle. Is there any way for me to fix this?

  10. BluChic
    • Shop Owner

    Hi @Chavonne Marchesiello I see that you have managed to request refund from Creative Market. We have replied to your message on where to purchase the Emerald Bundle. Thank you!

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