Science Noire - font

// UPDATE : 19 MARCH 2014 - add characters, correct space to match perfectly with Science White.
// UPDATE : 20 JANUARY 2014 - add .otf format.

Inspired by the scientific labo typography. The line between the point is 8 time smaller than the letter size.


154 characters

Font format : .ttf & .otf

Find Science White here :

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  • Science Noire Regular otf (400)


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  1. David Slaager
    • Shop Owner

    Hey @Arturo Jimenez

    Sorry about that. I just add the .otf format in the zip file. Maybe you can try with the new format. But I know, that font is not easy to use sometimes. I used a lot for big printing like poster or magazine pages. An other tips is to write your words in big letter (more than 200pt), when it's done clic right (in photoshop for example) and select Rasterize Type than ctrl/cmd + T to resize it. The type become smooth. Have fun ;) Cheers.

  2. Arturo Jimenez
    • Purchased

    this font is sorta slopping when its blown up, the vector edges on the circular nodes arent clean, after creating outlines i had to go in and retouch alot of it, pretty bummed

  3. John Farley
    • Purchased

    Love to see a version of this font w/o the spider webs. Never much liked spiders. Bad childhood nightmares.
    And now that I've invested in your Stoic, Scientific Warrior font, make that wish an informal vote. So please put me on the actual interest list for when you get around to trying it out. Be well, and keep up this prosperity.

  4. David Slaager
    • Shop Owner

    Hey davidbarker,
    Yes you right, i change that in the description, if you you want the .otf send me a (pm).

  5. David Barker
    • Purchased

    Great font! I'm just wondering... The description says the font has .ttf and .otf formats, but the downloaded .zip seems to contain only the .ttf format.


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