Font Select ICON

Hi everybody.

This is a font in .ttf format with lot of icon you can use directly on your design or on your webpage. Let me talk about this. On my day job I design (most of the time) website for client. I'm a photoshop freak and sometimes i need to add an arrow somewhere but make a simple curve line on photoshop means lot of clic and open illustrator lot of ressources for my laptop, so I make this very useful font. With that font you can add arrow or simple hand drawn select on your design. The integrator can add directly your icon on the webpage with the webfont. You also make cool "hand drawn style" patterns.

Inside the folder :
- 5 images (same as above)
- normal font in .ttf and webfont optimize ( .ttf, .svg .eot .woff )
- example html & css files
- licenses

  • fontsselectezy ttf (400)
  • fontsselectezy ttf (400)


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