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"Here's how to give your images a 1950's style illustrated effect in Photoshop"

Watch the demo video:

This illustrated photograph style is common in 1950's advertising. Characterized by high-contrast colors, a granular texture on the image, subtle halftones and print flecks.

The way to do this used to be by using a variety of brushes and filter manually. By combing filters, blending modes and brushes you can build up a really authentic illustrated photograph style. The only problem is that this can take hours.

Plus, there's no guarantee that it will even work.

The RetroSupply Photo-Baker Make It Easy

The RetroSupply Photo-Toaster is a single customizable action that you can use to give your images that classic illustrated photo look. Simple click Play on the action and the Photo-Toaster will guide you through a series of pop-up sliders. The result is a great looking illustrated style image.

Things not looking quite how you want? No problem. Everything is non-destructive and 100% customizable. Just adjust blending modes, opacity and double click on effects. Tweak to your hearts content.

Here's what's included in the RetroSupply Photo-Baker Kit:

• 1 easy to use action that will help you create an illustration style photo fast.
• Bonus Freebie: 2 new brushes from the Subtle Retro Print Texture Collection.
• Easy to understand instructions.
• Coming Soon: Premium Photo-Baker video tutorials

Don't wait. Grab the kit today!

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  1. Muhammad Adib Zailan
    • Purchased

    Dude, this is just sick!

    Totally was scratching my brain on how to achieve such a style and aha!—came across this godsend! Man this is a lifesaver and a brilliant product in a thousand ways! One thing for sure, I am looking forward to more of your products!

  2. aly balboa

    I have a question: I am running the action and it keeps telling me, "Filter Gallery" is not currently available. How to I get this to work?

  3. Retro Studio

    Good job @Dustin Lee . I'm impressed by the number of purchases in such a short time. Keep it up :D
    Btw what font's did you use for the first screenshot?

  4. Dustin Lee
    • Shop Owner

    Thanks for all the kind words! All of you are awesome!

    @Gerren Lamson Thanks for the heads up and thank you for featuring the product in the Community Update. I'm seriously honored to be in there : )


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How do I contact support?

If you need help with a product contact the shop owner here on the product page! Just click the Message icon on the upper right. For anything else visit our FAQ:

What exactly does the Photo-Toaster do?

The RetroSupply Photo-Toaster is an action that gives images a 1950's illustrated style feel. It does this by using a series a layers, blending modes and filters that you can control.

Does the RetroSupply Photo-Toaster work on all images?

Technically, yes. You can run the action on any image. That being said, it works better on certain types of images. Images without lots of intricate detail work best.

The RetroSupply Photo-Toaster will toast your text rendering it unreadable. You should only use it on images.

What parts of the preview images use the RetroSupply Photo-Toaster?

The RetroSupply Photo-Toaster is used on every example image. But all text has been placed over the top. Also, I've used the Subtle Retro Brush pack (included in this kit) to get the subtle grain textures.

What's up with calling the product Photo-Toaster?

I could't think of a better way to describe what it did. Plus, I like toast. Here's a french toast recipe: