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"Get a Vintage Roughened Text Effect in 57 Seconds Even If You're a Photoshop Newbie!"

Watch a video demo of The Blacksmith here:

This print effect has become REALLY popular. I've seen designers use it on everything from handcrafted clothing labels to typography for bands like Mumford and Sons.

Back in the day (19th century) this kind of work was done with a printing press like the ones made by Miehle Printing Press and Manufacturing Company in London, England. This mechanical approach to printing as well as hand crafted typography resulted in prints with small flaws and imperfections.

You can still get this effect today. You just need to buy an old printing press. If you do your research you can get a really small one (size of a shoebox) for around $500. If you're seriously into vintage printing you can pick a larger professional sized one for $3500 or more.

But if you don't have room in your garage for for a printing press The Blacksmith action does a good job of simulating the look of these old presses.

This non-destructive Photoshop action will give you the same look in less than a minute. Plus, it's 100% customizable. So no matter what size work you're using the action on the results will look great.

Here's What You'll Get When You Get The Blacksmith Printing Press Action

• 1 The Blacksmith Printing Press action with built in instructions. Just load the action and press play. • 1 The Blacksmith Printing Press without instructions. Work even faster with no pop-up instructions. • 4 The Blacksmith Printing Press - A curated collection of brushes to age your work. • A read-me file (because instructions are good) for installation and using the action.

There's nothing better than working with real ink and paper. But if you're a busy designer (or don't own an 1813 Columbian Press) this action works great!

Don't wait! Start making authentic looking ink effects today! Buy Now! : )

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  1. Dustin Lee
    • Shop Owner

    Hi @Juan Gomez – my sincere apologies that you were never responded to. This is never my intention and do make every effort to answer all support requests. However, I do mess up (as in this case) and miss emails sometimes. I'll message you personally and do my best to take care of this. Thank you for the feedback : )

  2. Juan Gomez
    • Purchased

    Purchased this back in December. After posting my original comment with some concerns about a delay in customer service, Dustin promptly responded and very thoroughly addressed both my questions about using this product and my customer service concerns. Thanks Dustin for creating a great product and providing outstanding customer service! =)

  3. Andrew Bargeron

    when i draw, i use a cintiq and various programs that make very crisp and clean lines...i do have brushes that are rougher than others, but sometimes i just can't be bothered with hunting for the right brush/setting. that's where Blacksmith comes in...if i draw something clean, using a very smooth line, i can rough it up just right with Blacksmith...even though i do draw most of my illustrations freehand (with the cintiq) if the line is too crisp, it can sometimes look more 'computery' than i prefer, using Blacksmith adds back the human touch that the line needs.

  4. clark

    Hey does this affect the edges of any font/graphic to look authentically printed, where it roughs them up a bit? I was just curious if it only worked in the instances you showed or not. I am always able to find a good texture, but the edges are always still crisp and look inauthentic.

  5. ascauri

    Hey Dustin, quick question: in the video you say everything is non-destructive/smart objects... Does that mean I can change the text after the action has been applied, without having to do it all over again?


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