Website Flowcharts and Site Maps AI

This template provides tons of elements for creating visual website flowcharts and site maps. This is the Illustrator / EPS version. We also have an OmniGraffle version:

Beautiful flowcharts in minutes..

Just drag-n-drop and rename pages from our Adobe® Illustrator® flowchart template to create professional deliverables for your clients, developers or team members.

63 Miniature Wireframes...

The flowchart template comes packaged with 63 mini wireframes to represent common page layouts, built on a 4-column grid with elements rounded to 5 pixels, allowing for easy editing and grid snapping.

Loved by Clients & Developers...

Flowcharts not only demonstrate the pages and interactions, but also show a general idea of the content and layout of each page.

In the Template...

Along with the wireframes, you get all the lines and labels to quickly put together website flowcharts and site maps, plus one big example as a starting point.

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  1. UX Kits
    • Shop Owner

    @H Braun Please purchase the AI version and then contact Creative Market for a refund on the item you accidentally purchased. Thank you!

  2. H Braun

    just purchased a version that said "Vector: YES" and can't open it in illustrator. little did i know i had to ignore that and to pay attention that it is just for sketch, which i dont use. please help

  3. Zoltan Csillag
    • Purchased

    PROBLEM! If you open it in CS5 you get a message that it was created in a newer version of Illustrator and there may be some data loss. Usually graphics that are sold on sites like this should be created in an older version so that everyone will have access without having version problems opening it.

  4. UX Kits
    • Shop Owner

    @David Cearley Hi David, the miniature wireframes show a basic idea of what you're considering for a page. While they are not intended to be taken too literally for a design, we use them for exactly what you're saying... to give clients or developers the basic idea of what you're thinking in terms of your site's architecture and pages. It's always our first step in building a site so I think it would be helpful for your designer too. He / she can then expand on that.

  5. Gus Fusa

    Hey! Just wondering do you have a bundle with the omnigraffle & ai. files together? not sure which one to buy.. regards

  6. David Cearley

    Can you clarify miniature wireframe"? I'm not a web designer,but this might be useful for me to lay out the basics of what I want. I can then share it with my web designer and speed up the development process.


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