32 Varied Photoshop Lighting Brushes

Grab all our most popular lighting Photoshop brushes for just $4.

This includes the 3 popular brush sets: raylight, bokeh and abstract lights.

Each brush is high-res, sharp and totally applicable to a range of design projects.

I use these brushes in my own work all the time. They've come in useful on tons of projects and let you create realistic lighting effects with ease.


  1. Tom Ross
    • Shop Owner

    Thanks Molly! I can't tell you how many times I've used these brushes in my own work. I hope that you get good use from them.

  2. Molly Bermea
    • Purchased

    I have just cracked them open and used on this family session I did last night. LOVE THEM. I am really excited to add a little umph to some of my twilight sessions. I am really in love.


    Not up on my website or anything yet but here is the fb link. I am also adding it more subtly in more of these photos. I love how it creates just enough "motion" to create interest.

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