FreshKit03 Provocateur Elements

CLOSEOUT SALE!! We are working on all new products for 2016 and will be removing our current products in February 2016. So the whole shop is on sale! Just $5 per product and $25 for the extended license. If you've had your eye on something, grab it now before it's gone!

The Provocateur Brand is designed for people with a slightly risque sense of humor and admiration of a bygone era filled with romance, exploration, prohibition and decadence. It would be great for beauty, cosmetic or lingerie brands or a beauty-related, romance novel or lingerie-focused blog or application.

FreshKit 03 Provacateur Elements is a brand identity kit containing:

• graphic goodies like flowers, flourishes and frames • large label banners that can be customized with colors, floral overlay, hatch texture and grungy bits • charcoal damask, rose damask, squiggly lines, pink gingham and antique paper backgrounds • decadent, lush frames and handsome badges • whimsical pictograms for making your own messages • loads of pretty labels - some customizable and some pre-made for easy text addition • cosmetic packaging prototypes

This set of Elements includes 5 Photoshop files and 2 Illustrator files (for pictograms and a bonus packaging toolkit for you to make your own soap, lotion and cream or powder packaging.) Some of the shapes and textures in the Photoshop files are vector smart objects so scaleable and colors can be changed, and some are pre-made images so not editable but easy to just add your text to for a fast label, badge or logo. You will have lots to work with in this set to make your own custom creations!

Please be sure to download these two free Google fonts used in the files prior to opening it so you see it as you should and easily modify the editable text. Here are the links for you:

Berkshire Swash: Fredericka the Great:

To Match This... PSD Template: Tumblr Theme:

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  1. elaine ossipov

    These Look Great! :)

    I don't see an answer to Linda Feldman's question? about being used on retail sales items (tshirts, mugs etc)