American Brewery Clean & Rough

This font was inspired by lettering found on vintage beer label.

  • American Brewery Regular otf (400)
  • American Brewery Rought Regular otf (400)


  1. Colin Brady

    Nice work! Awesome specimens. I think you put another "E" instead of an "F" in the 4th one though.

  2. Gilang Purnama
    • Shop Owner

    @Jennifer Trimboli , this font comes with 2 version Clean & rough, i'm adding some texture on the font posters but the rough version is very worn and detailed, you can download demo version (dafont & fontspace)

    Thank You
    Gilang Purnama

  3. elaine ossipov

    Reminds me of Lucky Lager But I am not sure, but the font is GORGEOUS, and I can't resist it...Ohhhh I'm so week!! :)

  4. Rick Ward
    • Purchased

    A Lovely font, beautifully drawn with huge respect and passion. Well done and continuing success with the next font you do. You really care about Type, thank God.

  5. Michael

    A truly bold, beautiful and indeed clean and rough font! Well done. Just that I don't agree with the "H" letter. It looks to be an "M" and this is confusing. I believe we all can see that, in the"ROUGH" and "JOHNNY'S" screenshots above.

  6. Travis Drake

    AWESOME STUFF! By chance, does the frame shape from the Johnny's Barber Shop mockup come with the font files?

  7. leacockdesign
    • Purchased

    I LOVE that "E." Using this in a logo project for a client, I really hope they pick this version!

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