Lil UI Kit - PSD Vector UI Library

Introducing the Lil UI Kit. Lil in name, certainly not Lil in size and quantity. This web UI Kit has been built from the ground up using 100% vector layer shapes in Photoshop which allows for a vast amount of flexibility in editing and updating to make this UI Kit unique to you.

Lil UI Kit has been designed for simplicity and consistency to help you create a unique web experience in your next project. Great for fast wireframing, prototyping or converting over to CSS, this Kit will get you started quickly due to it's simple appearance and style.

Don't forget to view the whole kit:

Elements included in the Lil UI Kit:

- Buttons
- Inputs
- Tags
- Labels
- Weather
- Pop ups
- Time & Date
- Pagination
- Video & Music
- Toggles
- Navigation
- Notices & Alerts
- Boxes & Sign in
- Stars & Ratings
- Sliders
- Maps
- Analytics
- Icons

Lil UI Kit uses Open Sans as the font base which can be used and downloaded for free at:

Friday, 17th 2013: Thank you to all who have Liked, Commented, Collected, and of course Purchased Lil UI Kit! My goal is to continue expanding this UI Kit so keep watching for updates and to everyone who has purchased, we will be contacting you when any update is released so you can redownload for free. Thanks again, Lil Squid - Ian & Sarah. :)

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  1. Paul Bonnici
    • Purchased

    This UI kit surprised me! It looked very nice and clean in the pic's above, and I thought it would be fairly basic. I was wrong! There is more to this set than first appears! And it's not often that happens. :D Well worth buying if you need a good UI kit, I highly recommend it. I have accounts with a couple pro UI Kit makers (such as PikelKit) as I use UI kit's a lot. This is as good if not better. Seriously!

    Well done, and thank you for a great kit and making my job easier. A lovely Christmas gift for myself. :D


  2. Quoc Nguyen
    • Purchased

    Hi, I am just wondering why there is only a female avatar and not for both !? I would love to buy if a male avatar will be added later! :)

  3. Lil Squid
    • Shop Owner

    Hi @allise, thanks so much for your question and comment, we love receiving them!

    Lil UI Kit was designed as a simple starting point in your design process. If you use Photoshop to design your site, it's handy to have a UI kit like this where you can drag and drop individual elements into your new design without worrying about consistency of style or color. Then once you see a picture forming you can start tweaking the elements to suit your style and needs.

    With that being said, because we're in an era of endless resources, and rapid execution, movements like Bootstrap, Foundation, and Flat UI in some cases reduce the need for working in Photoshop and let you get straight into the code where you already have these elements consistant and styled and more touchable to experiment in a non-static fashion.

    There is a place for static UI Kits, prototyping, wireframing, designing within Photoshop to work from the ground up, however that workflow is starting to lose against designing straight from an open resource that has been tested by many people like Bootstrap. The primary issue with that workflow is if you don't spend the time in environments like Photoshop or wireframing processes, you spend lest time really thinking through your project and the end result is a site design that looks like everyone else's.

    Here are the resources I mentioned:


    Flat UI has a free small coded version that is part of their bigger paid suite. It's extremely well designed and a great place to start learning about CSS and animation.

    I wanted to get out a low priced UI Kit that anyone could start using, I wouldn't be able to do that if I spent the time coding up Lil UI Kit. Maybe that's the next project for Lil Squid. :)

    Thanks again

  4. allise

    I love the clean beautiful design. I'm new to web design as I've been exclusively a print designer for many years. Now I've got a site to design. Do I use your UI kit for wire framing or actual design that a coder will then take and make functional?
    thanks for your great work


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