Vintage Texture Bundle

Buy the complete collection of volumes 1-4 here: Tutorial on using these textures:

Download a free sample texture from the bonus pack here! Try before you buy =)

Included in this Bundle: Vintage Texture Pack: Volume 1 ($12 Value): Vintage Texture Pack: Volume 2 ($16 Value): 25 Brand New Bonus Textures!

Key Features: •100 Textures Total (That's 10 cents per texture!) •300 DPI •Each Texture is 15" x 15" •JPG Format

This is an amazing deal featuring ALL of the textures from Vintage Texture Pack: Volumes 1 and 2, as well as 25 BONUS TEXTURES not available any other way!

These textures are extremely unique and are sure to add tons of character to any graphic design project or illustration. Please check the individual texture pack links for more swatches of the textures, and watch the youtube video posted above to see the best way to extract these from a white background and use as a mask.

Thanks for looking, and if you enjoy this package be sure to hit the recommend button to let other people know!

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  1. Matt Borchert
    • Shop Owner

    @p k it should work with any version of Photoshop as the images inside here are JPGs that you can then use to suit your needs.

    I actually just made a video showing how I tend to use textures in photoshop (much like the ones in this pack) here:

  2. Matt Borchert
    • Shop Owner

    hey @Drew Layton , if you paypal mattborchert[at] I can send you the files via hightail. Otherwise I believe you can do a bulk paypal import in creative market, I think the minimum is $20 (under your profile --> buy credits).