Prohibition Typeface

The ban on serifs is at hand! Gin ( thought it could get away with it’s spirited serifs, but Prohibition has arrived and cut them off. Packed with some new surprises, this vintage sans typeface takes queues from classic war and workforce posters to industrial factories.

Features include: Stylistic Alternates, Discretionary Ligatures, and Multiple Language Support
Lowercase Discretionary Ligatures:
Uppercase Discretionary Ligatures:

Prohibition Brew Co. created by Ryan Slater:
See more specimens by Simon H (

Looking for a more condensed version? Check out Abolition (

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  • Oblique otf (400)
  • Prohibition otf (400)
  • Prohibition Lines otf (400)
  • Prohibition Rough otf (400)
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  1. elaine ossipov

    Just an fyi, since I've purchased this font, it quickly grew to be one of my top 5 used fonts.. it just looks great in just about all situations for this type of font.

    I am very happy and extremely pleasantly surprised at how universal Prohibition is!
    Abolition, is another that's in my top 10 now.

  2. Ivan

    Holy Smokes could easily pass as Tom Cruise's brother! lol


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