Infinite UI Kit

Infinite UI Kit


· Unique Style
Everything you'll need design-wise to build your own website with a modern and unique style. This collection of navigation bars, search boxes, twitter widget, profile, buttons, sliders, tags, sign in form, cloud widget and more, are all arranged neatly on a single PSD file.

· Scalable
These vector graphics are 100% scalable, so you can customize and resize them to your exact needs.


  1. Pixeled In
    • Purchased

    I think $20 is a bit steep unless you are going to add to it?
    I mean there are plenty of fancy UI Kits on the web as freebies these days as it serves as good practice and often coming in handy for future personal projects also - at least for me...

    I am considering purchasing, but wondering since it it called INFINITE is it going to be UPDATED regularly with some trending coolness, so we as customers have something to look forward to and tweet constantly about?

    I think it could do with (just my personal observations - other than it is very very clean, and a great look, like others it is not filled with music and volume sliders etc that never get used nor are worth turning from PSD -> Code....)
    * More Button Variations
    * Another Style of Top Navigation Bar
    * Other Member Login (Modal Pop-up) with Twitter & FBook Login
    * Different colour Tags and a different style
    * Tooltip in dark and light
    * Upload Section (Browse with Upload for Uploadify etc)

    That is just a few simple ideas that came to mind after a quick revision, and the main thing that comes to mind is maybe variations of some of the pieces are needed and others less of (ie. sms bubbles x 4 = 2 x 2 colours only - more space for X and 'tick' buttons maybe if getting into validation for all the forms for example : -) ....... Can't wait too see it progress if it does).

    If it stays standard, I paid the $6 for only a couple of specific pieces to tell the truth and found alot of space that could be filled....

    As always though, nice work by you guys. But to make UI Kits worth money I think they need to be much more complex/full of options IMHO.

  2. H. Lande (Jack)
    • Shop Owner

    @Pixeled In Thank you so much for this advice. Of course this will be updated :) This here is just a start up. I will implement your suggestions and add even more cool forms and widgets.
    IMO, with adding more styles, the minimalistic look will be lost. So I decided to vary only the colors first without losing its consistent appearance.
    And some buttons (in different modes: hover, pressed) were not shown in the preview. But they are in the PSD as invisible/hidden layers/groups.
    But yeah, updates will come soon! :)

  3. H. Lande (Jack)
    • Shop Owner

    Thank you sonnyxsc, that's something I'm thinking about too. But I'm not very skilled in it so it will take a little time to study it :) Update will come!

  4. Pixeled In
    • Purchased

    Awesome can't wait for a more advanced UI Kit that truly stands out from the rest with numerous options and design styles to choose from - one well deserving of a commercial status :-)

    Good luck & looking forward to it's next release.

    @code_collective - Code & Design Collab Collective

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