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Hey guys! Since i didn't released anything big since my last project othericons. I would like to share with you my biggest project yet! More than 230+ unique vector icons for your projects! I was working on this for 2 months after my regular designer job and i tried to creating something more than regular icon set.

Check out this video how the icons were made!! https://vimeo.com/69919483 :)

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  1. Evan Bohringer
    • Purchased

    Great icon set - a few icons in there which seemed like they shouldn't be there such as the Apple logo, the file types (psd, html, png), twitter, facebook and tumblr logo. The rest are great :)

  2. Luboš Volkov
    • Shop Owner

    Hi, Guys thanks for the support! If you will have any question ping my via email! Or PM!
    Sorry for the late response, Im busy to making something HUGE for the othericons so stay tuned! :)

  3. Daniel Wilson
    • Purchased

    These are beautiful. I wish there was some kind of shopping cart / basket, I need something that represents the word 'retail'! Ah well thanks for these anyway.

  4. AnkorThemes
    • Purchased

    Can you please give me the .PSD?? I'm having a hard time trying to use these in adobe

  5. Matthias Pufke
    • Purchased

    in the screenshot are icons with white and the same with black background. in the download are only white background?

  6. Julien Melissas
    • Purchased

    Just bought these to use some on my business cards. Great work! Friendly and professional at the same time - natural too.

    Thanks so much!


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