Sprout Serif

Sprout Serif is a handwritten font with a sprouty personality. .TTF file now includes international accents and other random characters. Enjoy!

Illustrated laurel: http://crtv.mk/hi

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  • SproutSerif ttf (400)


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  1. Steph Faye

    Love love love the uniqueness of this serif!

    @iM4given - I found a good workaround for a heavier weight is to add a stroke to the text and convert to fill and then 'unite' using the pathfinder tool. Assuming you're working in Illustrator... I've achieved pretty great results of dark on light and light on dark using this method. Hope that helps!

  2. iM4given

    This font is beautiful, but disappointed in print results. This medium weight is *not* acceptable for print unless it is quite large as lighter font on dark background as shown in the preview. Heavier weights are really needed.

  3. robynq
    • Purchased

    Hi, Sprouticus,
    How cute and versatile! I'll enjoy using Sprout. Thanks for sharing (and for the movie quotes).

  4. 3lines

    I am purchasing this font! Would you mind if I ask what program you used in making this?


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