DevRocket v2 - iOS Photoshop Plugin

Live Preview

DevRocket is an iOS development panel plug-in that provides Adobe Photoshop with additional iOS specific tools and functionalities that are designed to assist key areas in iOS app design for all iPhone models (including the iPhone 5) and all iPad models. A simplified solution to working between display resolutions, breaking down full ui designs into separate elements ready for Xcode and saving for the Retina display are just a few of the awesome features DevRocket brings to iOS designers currently using Photoshop.

Make sure you check out the DevRocket ad to see the plugin in acton, just click the live preview button above.

Watch DevRocket ad here:

DevRocket requires Photoshop CS5 or above (Mac & Windows).

If you need help getting up and running? drop by our support forum for additional help:


  1. Artem Torbin
    • Purchased

    That is cool stuff, when I saw it, I knew I would buy it! Just started to use, wanna make some mockups, and after this I'm gonna buy "WebZap" as well. Great work guys! Keep it up! This is a really simple extension but it is remarkably useful! Cheers! :)

  2. Norm sheeran
    • Shop Owner

    @Artem Torbin cheers, Im glad you find DevRocket useful. Im pretty sure WebZap will not disappoint you either :)

  3. Artem Torbin
    • Purchased

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure with this, hope that will help me to Infiltrate into Dribbble :)

  4. Pixeled In

    Love an Android Version guys, what with the new Tablet & Newer OS's taking the helm... Awesome tool for the iOS Developer.

  5. Dania Go.
    • Purchased

    I've attempted using it with CC. The panel shows but nothing loads within it. This little extension has become vital to my everyday flow, lol. Pleeeeeaaaase fix

  6. zeroblink
    • Purchased

    Absolutely brilliant. Fantastic time saver. Used on the back half of one project and already sad I didn't know about it at the beginning. As soon as you use it you very quickly realise $19 is a steal! Thanks Norm!!

  7. Dania Go.
    • Purchased

    After the most recent update, it is working for me on Photoshop CC :) Thanks!!

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