Pixel Dropr

Pixel Dropr is a panel extension for Adobe Photoshop that allows you to create your own collections (refills) of pixel elements and instantly deploy them within any Photoshop document.

Its also possible to export and share those refills with friends and other designers.

Pixel Dropr requires Photoshop CS5 or above (Mac & Windows).

Check out the video advert here: https://vimeo.com/59343034

If you need help getting up and running? drop by our support forum for additional help: http://support.uiparade.com/


  1. driftme

    this says "collections of pixel elements".

    can it also store collections of things like smart objects, vector shapes, groups etc? or is it strictly rasterized pixel layers?

  2. Renato Carvalho
    • Purchased

    I just bought it and will give a try. One thing I already noticed that is missing is the retina display support. All graphics of the extension looks blurred and the icon of the extension is missing. I'll provide more feedback after using it.

  3. Norm sheeran
    • Shop Owner

    @Renato Carvalho

    The icon support is an adobe issue, they are working on the fix for this it was a problem with the last update to cs6 for Retina. Also Its not possible to make Retina panels yet adobe havent made released the relevant SDK. Rest assured the day they do, it will be retina.

  4. jppv
    • Purchased

    Much obliged. Very creative and an awesome tut video

    Thanks man!!!

  5. John Shaver

    This seems cool, but honestly, I'm not too clear on exactly what it is after watching the video.

    Say I created a 600x600 pixel, vector shape icon with 5 layers in Photoshop and drag it into Pixel Dropr. Where does it get saved to and how?

    If I then drag that design from Pixel Dropr into another document, is it still saved in vector shapes so I can resize it without pixelation?

    Is Pixel Dropr basically a thumbnail browser of collections of layers from other PSD documents?

  6. Norm sheeran
    • Shop Owner

    @John Shaver Pixel Dropr lets you create collections we call 'Refills'. The refills can consist of anything kind of PS layer(s).

    For example I create a button thats made up of a vector shape layer with a text layer label and its placed in a folder. I can then drag this button into one of the Pixel Dropr slots and it is saved to a new refill. When I drag that element back into any document I get the exact same folder, vector shape and text layer reproduced instantly (including all layer styles).

    Once you have created a refill you can then export it and save it for future use or even share it with Pixel Dropr and Refill Readr users. Refills can currently contain up to 30 items and Pixel Dropr lets you hold two refills at once.

    If you want to find out more and just try out the concept of refills, you could try our free plugin Refill Readr, it simply lets you read refills not create themThen you can go from there.


  7. Norm sheeran
    • Shop Owner

    @Lukas Zitnik Pixel Dropr lets you place photos, multiple layers, folders, text layers and layers with layer styles in it. Take a look at the previews can you add colorfull icons like that to the custom shape tool?


    You should try out the free Refill Readr and download a few refills and you will soon see the difference.

  8. Fixx
    • Purchased

    Hey Norm,

    From one of your replies above, I noticed you mentioned that Pixel Dropr can hold 2 refills at once. That means 60 items at any one time. I'm guessing it's possible to save more than 60 items, but we'll need to load different refills depending on the items we'd like to use at any given time. Is that right?

    I'm considering purchasing this, but need to know if it's possible to save more than just 60 items.


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