Flat Design Flyer Template

Flat design business flyer comes with 3 color variations and two different sizes. This flyer is perfect for all types of businesses looking to give themselves an up-to-date modern flat design branding image.

Hassle Free Editing

Photoshop Flyer template files are designed for beginners and expert designers. When you purchase one of our flyers, you get a well organized and fully layered Photoshop document that allows you to easily change text, wording, fonts, colors, layout and more!

Print Ready

Photoshop Flyer templates are designed to meet industry standards for print reproduction. Each flyer is designed in CMYK at 300 DPI and includes a .25 inch bleed.

Minimum Adobe CS Version

-Adobe Photoshop CS3
-Adobe Photoshop CS4
-Adobe Photoshop CS5
-Adobe Photoshop CS6

Flyer Dimensions

-4 x 6 inches (Standard)
-5.375 x 8.375 (Half-Page)

Fonts Used

-Levenim MT


  1. SeaDragon
    • Purchased

    I've got to admit that I'm a huge fan of this Designer's work. I've leaned on "Ultimate Bundles" a couple times in the past to survive artificially shortened deadlines. And if software developers -- once known as "programmers" -- can indiscriminately brag about reusing other's code, then graphic designers should be able to use quality work, such as this, as the foundation of their designs.

    *Thanks, "UB." Keep-up the great work.

  2. Derek Stevenson
    • Shop Owner

    @SeaDragon Thanks for the excellent testimonial of my hard work. I try my hardest to create designs that people can use when deadlines need to be met fairly quickly.

  3. SeaDragon
    • Purchased

    Note: I used UnRarX to open the compressed RAR files on my Mac. The extractor is free and can be downloaded from various sites. One example is: http://unrarx.en.softonic.com/mac. I also read that WinZip is capable of extracting RAR files in Windows.

  4. Derek Stevenson
    • Shop Owner

    @SeaDragon thanks for the excellent tip. I have gone ahead and reuploaded with a zip file, hopefully no one else has an issue with the file. I'm currently working on converting this flyer design into a powerpoint presentation template.

  5. SeaDragon
    • Purchased

    << I'm currently working on converting this flyer design into a powerpoint presentation template. >>

    Sounds great! Looking forward to seeing it.

  6. SeaDragon
    • Purchased

    Just a thought... This design would also look great if it were designed/formatted as an Email Marketing Template (compatible with Campaign Monitor and MailChimp).

  7. Derek Stevenson
    • Shop Owner

    @SeaDragon thanks for the suggestions, I'll see what I can do to get that created after I do the powerpoint presentation. Perhaps an entire identity package around the entire theme would be good.

  8. Jacob Sharp
    • Purchased

    I just downloaded this template (my first) and I see that I need photoshop to edit it. Am I just out of luck if I don't have photoshop?

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