MarbleWash Photoshop Brushes

14 marbled paper brushes created from the flyleaf of vintage books. These on-trend brushes create a handmade feel and can be used in many design styles: from traditional to psychedelic. Great for business cards, posters, flyers, package design and more.

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  1. Linda Zweygberg

    Hey, I love your stuff! I'm a fashion designer trying to start my own label. And i'm looking for a marble paper pattern to use on my hang tags, business cards, website etc. Can i use your stuff like that, is that within the licens? To use it in the brand identity? Im abit unsure about the hang-tags, because they will be hanging on the garment when sold. Fingers crossed (:

    best regards, Linda

  2. Dana Sellers
    • Shop Owner

    Hi @Hal Lovemelt. These brushes were created to be 2500px at the longer edge @ 72dpi. At this size, they remain compatible with Photoshop v. CS6 -. The aspect ratios may vary slightly, as they are based on the original paper artwork, however, I can estimate they are approximately 1800 x 2500px.

    Hope this helps!