Atmosphere Background Pack

This stunning set of 30 backgrounds are more than just gradients. These are images designed with subtle variations in color and temperature, eager to compliment your interface work. Inspired by the clean and flat trends in the state of mobile operating systems, each image strives to encourage a design that lives and breathes.

With the resolution set at 4096px on a side, they are prepared for the next generation of desktops, tablets, and phones. To minimize artifacts, these have been saved as maximum-quality JPEG files, with just enough dithering to prevent any banding issues.

Update: There's a new background pack on the horizon; a moodier, darker sibling to this set. 20 brand-new images in a similar style, set in a more serious tone, available for $5 right here:

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  1. cr40

    Very nice... but not suitable for web design as these don't tile...

  2. Joni Solis

    Very pretty and the price is great. Do wish there was an image or images showing thumbnails of all 30 designs.

  3. Anton Peck
    • Shop Owner

    Just a quick update to everyone who has enjoyed this pack...

    I have a new (moodier, darker) background pack of 20 dark images available for only $5 here, called "Evening":


  4. Anton Peck
    • Shop Owner

    No hard feelings here, James. As someone who also buys from many sources, I get exactly where you're coming from. Take care!

    *high five*

  5. James Stables

    @Anton - I think your backgrounds are amazing. Thank you for accepting my opinion and my comment. It was written as I was/am considering purchasing the backgrounds but my main concern is that I also want to be able to comfortably be able to purchase many files from you and other designers over time as a 'go to' place for resources. Creative Market, Graphic River and other sites are competition. Competition forces price consideration. Lastly, I am only talking about a 1-2$ drop to make me pull out the credit card without being hesitant is all. In retrospect I could have written my comment a little less abruptly. Have a great day.

    @Will - I charge by the project not hour. I have learnt that it is a pitfall to charge by the hour for projects as I always seem to work longer hours on most projects then I charge per hour. Updates should be charged by the hour, however, I have not been working freelance for a while now and would have to re-consider my hourly rate for updates if I was to go back into freelance. If you are looking for freelancers to do a job for you I can recommend some excellent ones that you can talk to.

  6. Will Regla

    Anton, your pricing is excellent. James, just curious — what's the hourly rate you bill?


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