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10 Fonts That Designers Love To Hate

Creative Market March 31, 2021 · 1 min read

We all have those fonts that just irk us, either due to popularity, ugliness, or both. Below are ten examples of fonts that tend to elicit strong negative emotions from designers. We’re betting you’ve ranted against at least a few, if not all of them!
If you see a font below that you hate, Pin, Tweet, or otherwise share it out. If we missed any, write about it yourself and share it out on social with the hashtag #worstFontsEver.


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  • Arial. A lousy imitation of something ubiquitous. 7 years ago
  • @Augusts Kolms Can't believe I forgot Arial! Added now, couldn't let that one go. 7 years ago
  • Love these posts of yours @Josh Johnson! Didn't know about Bank Gothic 7 years ago
  • @Josh Johnson , I just can not understand why use the following font stack for the website: font-family: 'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; 7 years ago
  • I feel like Lavanderia should be on this, even though I sometimes use it. 7 years ago
  • I would also add Scriptina to this list. 7 years ago
  • Cooper Black. I remember when I was a teenager everyone used it: 7 years ago
  • Nooo, Cooper is great. Still. I'm waiting for a project to pull this card out of the stack ;) But I kinda hate Impact and Broadway. Sins of my youth they are. 7 years ago
  • @Lea Delazer Forgot about Impact. I hate it so much... 7 years ago
  • Algerian...WOOF! 7 years ago
  • people use impact still? 7 years ago
  • I love times new roman :P I didn't expect it to be here, but I was expecting rosewood, which I love, but can't find many to share that love :P 7 years ago
  • This is so on point! lol 7 years ago
  • so funny and awesome because it's true 7 years ago
  • I only used Lobster recently. The others are just too expensive or not my taste. 7 years ago
  • Lol. This is pretty funny. I'm actually a big fan of four fonts in this group. Haters be out there, but if it works it works. ;) 7 years ago
  • Sorry but I dig Lobster! 7 years ago
  • +1 for Lobster @Josh Johnson, sorry ;) 7 years ago
  • I like Lobster too, but I have to admit, I cannot find anywhere suitable to use it. It is simply overkill, not quite Bleeding Cowboys overkill, but still, pretty bad. 7 years ago
  • @kingme @Airwalk Design It's ok, I love Helvetica :) The point is really that all of these are fonts that I've heard various designers rant about over the years. 7 years ago
  • As a young designer I don't understand why Helvetica is there, I've always heard that it's a "profesionnal" font :o 7 years ago
  • [@Mireia Piqué](user:392699) The simple answer is that there's always a group of people who hate what's popular. Helvetica is easily one of the most popular fonts of all time, so some designers respond to that by wishing the world would ease up and find a new font. Personally, I use it all the time :) Some proof: 7 years ago
  • @Josh Johnson Thanks ! 7 years ago
  • Anonymous
    These fonts hated because of overused ? 7 years ago
  • Thankfully my current favorites aren't here. Century Gothic (I'm geometric obsessed!) and American Typewriter which pays homage to my childhood and my mother's typewriter I spent many hours playing with. I also love anything retro or vintage and that font is a 1970s baby. Sadly, I was born about ten years later than I should have been. 7 years ago
  • Ugh-showing my age but Curlz and Mistral 7 years ago
  • Steffy: I like Century Gothic as well for the same reason, but American Typewriter is just a way-too-cleaned-up inferior substitute for Prestige Elite and Courier New, which probably look a lot more like what came out of your mom's old typer than AT does...especially if you can get a distressed version to mimic irregularly-striking keys. (Remember those old two-color ribbons, red for changes and black for copy? Never could figure that one out.) As for typefaces that grate on me, can I just mention Tahoma and Verdana? Really, can anyone show me a significant difference in these two? One of them has to go. (And I don't think it's a coincidence that a lot of the fonts in this list were ones that originally shipped with Microsoft Office and/or Windows.) 7 years ago
  • I love lobster, but i think that the problem is actually what use do you give to the font, every font has it's own soul and purpose :) 7 years ago
  • Hobo has been around for a long time, since letterpress printing was known as simply printing :) I'm horrified to admit that I used Zapfino when it first came out as an accent typeface on my wedding invitations, but I outlined and modified it somewhat. I just wasn't into the super ornate script options. Now I hang my head in shame when I stumble across one! 7 years ago
  • I'd add Copperplate. Nothing says I have letters after my name like copperplate. I love geometric fonts like Century Gothic and Avante Garde. I like script and brush type, but more so when it's actually hand done. Using those style fonts is a trend that will be moving on before you know it. 7 years ago
  • Don't like arial at all 7 years ago
  • I am going to shame myself here, but I still like Times New Roman Italics. I don't care, I wave my English High School Paper flag high! 7 years ago
  • A very amateurish 'article'. While there are several fonts on the list that I do not particularly like, it is obvious to me that the writer (and 99% of the commenters) don't know diddlysquat about fonts, fount families or their raison d'etre for existing. Arial font shown is actually ARIAL BLACK, Helvetica and Times New Roman are descendents of the key fonts designed by the Bauhaus School of Design. Lobster happens to be MY favorite font for swashy headings (I am fond of other fonts of that nature but Lobster is available 'everywhere'. I also happen to quite like Cooper Black, although it too has fallen out of favor. How about Palatino? A great bracketed serif font that also is a wonderful design element when condensed to, eg, 50% and kerned at +2. BTW, I'm a decades-long software engineer but the ONLY MEMBER, at a Master Typographer level, of the Advertising Typographiers Union, a subset of the Printers Guild, and as such I have worked (and can work anytime I feel like a working vacation) in SWITZERLAND because they respect the Printers Guild, the oldest guild in the world. I have also designed quite a few typefaces, most of which are still being used today. BY THE WAY Times New Roman was NOT the font used on papers, that would be CENTURY SCHOOLBOOK, or a derivative, or Book Antiqua for college students. 7 years ago
  • +1 to @Brooke Carroll . I hate Algerian with a passion. It almost makes my blood boil wherever I see it, especially in unsuitable places. 7 years ago
  • Comic Sans, created to patronise the man/woman in the street, ugly and invidious even. I could live without Hobo too! I like Times New Roman though, it never offends me. I often use as placeholder frame for an img in a doc, it looks great very large filling a box. 7 years ago
  • Futura is on my list.. 7 years ago
  • Curlz & Amazone!! Drives me nuts when a customer wants of one those! 7 years ago
  • Hmmmm.. I forget about the Papyrus font. I hate it pretty + so much.... 7 years ago
  • I could not able to understand the English meaning of this article's title. Could someone explain it? 7 years ago
  • Say a permanent goodbye to University Roman. 7 years ago
  • Lucida Handwriting or Calligraphy. They make me cringe. And for some reason they're often used by amateurs in ALL CAPS. 7 years ago
  • I'm hoping my 12 year old son does not get to see these posts. He loves Bleeding Cowboys! 7 years ago
  • Futura: Now you can pretend you're Stanley Kubrick too! 7 years ago
  • Ah, Arial. Another thing that Microsoft claims to have invented. (And as a result didn't have to pay for using Helvetica.) 7 years ago
  • I'm with David Woods. Copperplate should be on this list. My friend and I have a running joke about the overuse of Copperplate and its many little variations. We all know that only professional designers use Copperplate as a logo text, Comic Sans as your Name and Hobo as the rest of the design. In many colors I might add. 7 years ago
  • D'uh. Who put Zapfino here? Its calligraphic qualities are hard to beat, especially with so many alternate glyphs which can evoke the handwriting spirit even more in certain combinations. Blame people using it, not the typeface. It takes some effort to set the text in Zapfino and to take the advantage of all its features (which hasn't been done in the slightest here). Compare to 7 years ago
  • @Matt Tajsich: I liken Zapfino to a clueless middle-aged suburban white guy with a beer belly who used to play college football and now wants to try parkour. May have been at top of the pile when young, but too old now to be effective. The Adorn family looks good, great for weddings, it hasn't been overused yet, and has a major dash of classic stylings. My personal hates are: Bombshell Pro...the "go to" font that just about every designer who has a shop on Etsy just *has to* put on at least four or five of their designs. I'm throwing my wife into that guilty party category too. Hellforge..I won't even try to explain I why it other than to say, "Just do." Mountains of Christmas...yet another font I get a violent reaction's trying to be cute and kid-friendly but failing miserably 7 years ago
  • So you're saying Zapfino should be renamed AlBundy? 7 years ago
  • Very funny! Looks like this blog : 7 years ago
  • @Michael Schuetze: Absolutely...even its style might lend itself to being renamed to "Lawrence Welk".... 7 years ago
  • I have a client who insists on using Papyrus for their email correspondence. I keep trying to get them to use something more legible and less despicable. 7 years ago
  • Brush Script!!! Does my head in how many clients come to me with 'oh i just love brush script & really want that in my logo' 7 years ago
  • I am well aware of the reputation of Comic Sans, even found some hate groups online, but I will admit to always using it on my PowerPoint presentations. I teach maths to adults for my local council and it is no surprise that often learners with difficulties in maths also have underlying difficulties in reading and writing. I have found that this font is visually easy to read because of its form and the shapes of the individual letters make distinctive shapes when combined to make words. So what? Some learners, especially learners with specific learning difficulties often use the shape of the words to help them identify the word. Yes there are other fonts out there that this could be said of but not ones that are accessible on every computer I log on to in my organisation so until windows is shipped with a font that supports lower level readers in the same way I will carry on using the hated Comic Sans :-) 7 years ago
  • Aw I like Lobster. How come Herculaneum didn't make the list? It's pretty horrendous. 7 years ago
  • I think this is the use that is made of the font that made it successful. In addition, adding some effects, would be rendered even better. 7 years ago
  • I think I'd add Birth of a Hero to this list... 7 years ago
  • Palatino. Every textbook. I'm sick of having my eyes poked out by its ugly serifs. 7 years ago
  • @Jackie Smith Comic Sans is pretty easy to read. I think it gets a bad rap from overuse in places where it doesn't really fit. I'm glad that it works for you, and good luck with your classes. :) 7 years ago
  • Thanks Karen, I do find it a very useful font :-) 7 years ago
  • Since when do people hate Helvetica? Arial is weird, but I think Helvetica is classic. Papyrus, Comic Sans, and Hobo -- spot on. Bleeding Cowboys and Lobster are pretty bad too. I don't know how I feel about Bank Gothic. Times New Roman doesn't belong on this list. It's not really a font that's made for design. 7 years ago
  • Trajan is my guilty pleasure. 7 years ago
  • Pizza Hut UK has all its menus in Lobster (or something very similar) which always makes me chuckle like some geek-snob. Think we can say that font has now jumped the shark. It's bloomin' everywhere. 6 years ago
  • Some of these are ubiquitous for a reason...they work so darn well! I only care about pleasing my clients – not other designers. If it's right for the project I'll use it. Although Comic Sans and Papyrus are never right for any project... :) 6 years ago
  • Is there any place in the web who comforts all the bullied sad fonts...? ;-) 6 years ago
  • Trinigan, a Victorian nightmare 6 years ago
  • Scriptina should definitely be on this list! I have seen that font in waaay too many book covers. 6 years ago
  • Brush script... 6 years ago
  • I second Scriptina 6 years ago
  • Where is Gotham? That's used EVERYWHERE. 6 years ago