10 Graphic & Web Design Tools That Will Explode in 2015

By on May 2, 2016 in Inspiration
10 Graphic & Web Design Tools That Will Explode in 2015

Every designer has a collection of tools that they find indispensable to doing their job. Some of these tools are popular ones that you will likely find in every designer’s toolbox, while others are not so well known. In this article, we will take a look at 9 graphic and web design tools that are set to explode in 2015.


A B2B hybrid platform that combines both web design and development in one, Webydo is a great choice for designers looking to create website designs without needing to hand write code or rely on a web developer to help them. One of the most exciting features in Webydo is the ability to create “pixel-perfect responsive web designs” that work great on a variety of devices.

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Webydo allows designers to begin with an existing design or layout or to start from scratch with a drag and drop interface. You simply design in the web editor and it writes the code for you. Popular site features, like animated carousels, can also be added without needing to write code, making Webydo is a tool that could quickly become a favorite for many designers.


If you need a better way to present your ideas and design work to clients, one that goes beyond just static images of interface designs, then Invision may be exactly what you need. This prototyping tool allows you to turn your designs into interactive prototypes. Transitions and animations, along with real-time design and collaboration capabilities and version control and sync capabilities, make Invision a multi-faceted tool that may fit a number of needs for designers.

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Responsive web design has become a best practice and many websites now support a variety of devices with a responsive layout – but what about emails? Ink allows you to easily create “responsive HTML emails that work on any device.” They go on to add that their emails work in “even Outlook”, a sore point for many designers who have to work on HTML emails and who struggle to make them work well in Outlook!

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Ink, which was created by the company ZURB, offers a number of templates on their website so that you can begin using the system, and sending responsive HTML emails, quickly.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, than a good infographic could be priceless! Infogram is a “data visualization product” that allows you to quickly and easily turn your data into infographics, charts, and even interactive visualizations. There are over 30 interactive chart types available in the system currently; covering a wide range of data visualization needs for websites, presentations, and other instances where a picture will explain much more than text alone.

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Infogram offers a free account with a host of features, but paid accounts open up even more functionality. For designers or agencies, there is even a white label option that allows you to add your own logo and brand this solution with your own company’s identity.


While Adobe Photoshop is an industry standard tool that many designers swear by, some of those designers may not want to pay the monthly fee to license that software. For them, Pixlr may be worth a look!

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If you’ve used Photoshop before, then the “Pixlr Editor” will be very familiar. Pixlr even opens .PSD files and retains all the original layers, making it a great alternative to Photoshop. Another good use of Pixlr is for clients who have very simple image editing needs (resize, crop, etc.). I recommend this to my clients all the time, allowing them to get all the functionality they need without having to worry about another software license to maintain.

Note: Pixlr and Creative Market are both Autodesk products.


One of the most effective ways to get your ideas or message across online is through storytelling. Rinse provides photographers with a unique way to display a portfolio of their work and tell the stories behind that work. Basic accounts allow you to upload one story, while Advanced accounts, which are by invitation only, allow up to 10 stories to be shared.

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While Rinse is undoubtedly a great resource for photographers looking to share their work, it is also a wonderful site for fans of stunning photography and can offer inspiration to other designers on how images can be used to tell compelling and powerful stories online.


Material Design is Google’s visual language, including specifications on animation, style (color, icons, images, typography), layout, components, patterns, and more . Material-UI is a “CSS Framework and a Set of React Components that Implement Google's Material Design.”

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The Material-UI website includes example projects for you to look at, as well as instructions on how to begin using this visual language in your own projects.


If you need “an easy way to preview prototypes on iOS devices”, then Frameless for iOS 8 is here for you. With a transparent UI and customizable gestures (swipe, tap with three fingers, shake the device, etc.), Frameless is perfect for prototyping and previewing any HTML content in a native context.

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This tool is pretty straightforward. In fact, the text on their homepage sums it up pretty succinctly by saying “Find the perfect font combo for your next project.” Select a starter font from the drop down list of available choices and the site will give you some examples of fonts that pair well with that selection. They even include a visual example of the two fonts being used together in a design so you can see how they look side by side.

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This is a potentially very helpful tool for combining font choices, and as more fonts are added to their system, this tool will become even more valuable and give designers even more combinations to review and consider!


This website is “a learning community for creators.” Classes are offered in a variety of topics, including many different design disciplines, and those classes include short lessons and hands-on projects to help you learn the materials. You can also share your work with the community on Skillshare, a nice feature for learners who want more than just some video tutorials.

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Free Skillshare accounts give you access to a number of classes, but for a small fee (currently $8/month), you will have unlimited access to all the classes they offer. Additionally, in line with their focus on “community”, for every annual membership they sell on the site, they donate a free membership to a student in need.

What Else?

Now it's time for you to make some predictions. Which graphic and web design tools do you think will take off in 2015? Leave a comment below with your prediction.

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    • Staff

    Typegenius! And I still haven't taken any Skillshare classes but must do it sometime. Maybe one of these snowy weekends. Thanks for the roundup!

  1. I second Affinity Designer, and also nominate Sketch 3 for rapid vector-based UI conceptualization. Between those two pieces of software, I almost never have to touch Photoshop or Illustrator any more. They're so much faster, more efficient, and powerful than Adobe's options... the ability to work quickly and efficiently with vector-centric tools substantially improves my creative process while increasing my speed and output. More time designing, less time fiddling with tools to get the results I want.

    As more designers discover these tools, they are going to steal away more and more market share from Adobe.

  2. thank you. i'm just a newbie in web design, so i only used adobe photoshop. never heard on pixlr. but i found lots of free bruches and effects for photoshop, and also some tutorials. in case it can be useful for someone: it's on http://designermag.org/ in the category "tools" or "freebies". at least they did seem interesting to me as a beginner

  3. Webydo like any WYSIWYG Editor doesn't technically create "responsive" sites. More like separate pages for mobile, tablet, etc. The only true responsive, lightweight sites are hand-coded.

  4. I didn't care for Skillshare. It felt like a paid version of YouTube. Speaking of YouTube, one class was had an instructor using other peoples YouTube work. I guess I'm spoiled with lynda.com

  5. I'm with Matt on Sketch, which handily also integrates with Invision. Of course Invision integrates with a lot of programs! It does some amazing things that I'm only just beginning to learn about.

  6. Skillsahre is a excellent platform for gathering and sharing design knowledge. I don't have much idea about these tools. But i used PIXLR it is quite useful. I installed it and used. It is easier than Photoshop.

  7. I'd like to add Adobe Reflow, It's not for creating complete responsive website exactly but you can create basic responsive website...It's actually a prototyping tool and it's one of the best.

  8. Hi Cathy,

    Just wanted to clarify your comment a little bit.

    Pages created with Webydo generate pure CSS "@media queries" to adapt the style of each page element to the view port it is displayed on. It is not done by "separate pages for mobile, tablet, etc." although you have a point...a lot of WYSIWYG platforms do perform responsive in this way.


  9. I took a hand lettering class on Skillshare and it is super easy!! Great platform for leaning new skills and other design trades. The instructors are very knowledgeable.

  10. I've been using Pixlr for years and I absolutely love how easy it is to use. I combine the tools from Pixlr with PicMonkey or Canva do create images for my blog and for social media.

    Infogram has been on my to do list for ages, hopefully I'll check it out very soon.

    I thought Ink sounded interesting but honestly when I went to the site, I got lost in all of the code.

    Thanks for a great list of tools!

  11. Totally love skillshare! Seth Godin's classes are worth their weight in gold! So excited to check out type genius!

  12. Excellent post!! One area which sees regular updates and constant changes is that of web designing. Each year a number of design trends come and go. Many are short-lived, but some designs are here to stay.

  13. Nobody can explain it better than you. You explain even the complex things very smoothly. I’m pretty sure this will be extremely helpful for developers. Thanks again man...& keep it up with this type of articles! Designing a website using the latest web design trends definitely attracts more customers. http://websatil.com

  14. Excellent post!! You provide a good source of web design tools. such a great post .

    I will going to use all the tools Great source for any web designer and graphics designer. I am also a graphics designer at technocrab india. i love to see your blog and i have book mark this for future use. thank you for posting.

  15. Affinity Designer is awesome but it's only for mac systems, Pixlr is also my favorite.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  16. I think good UX is also part of the equation for a perfect website! Checkout UXPin, my fav, which also enables prototyping

  17. You may start from learning HTML & CSS a basic thing about coding, or may use designing tool, TemplateToaster, to learn web designing. It is easy to use and understand. http://templatetoaster.com here you can see it working too. I found it useful, thus, shared with you.


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