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10 Things Photographers Freaking Hate With a Passion

Creative Market April 5, 2024 · 6 min read

Photographers are a friendly enough bunch, but just like with designers, there are some things that really, really get on our nerves. They’re those little things that happen again and again, each time breaking down our willpower to not freak out just a little bit more. So in honor of frustrated photographers everywhere, I present you with ten things that we freaking hate.

1. “Let’s Do This Thing I Saw On Pinterest!â€

things-photographers-hateImage sources: Bridal Guide and Plum Tree Studios

The statement above is inevitably followed by this one: “It looked a lot better on Pinterest…” Here’s a pro tip: nothing ever looks like it does on Pinterest. Often, you simply can’t stage that perfectly-timed, once-in-a-lifetime shot. Or you’re simply not the right height, width, etc. to pull off what the freaking gorgeous people on Pinterest can.

We Don’t Like Ripping Off Other Photographer’s Ideas

Another reason we photographers hate it when you ask us to duplicate something you saw online: stealing unique ideas isn’t cool. I swear to all that is decent, if one more person asks me to do the T-rex wedding thing… things-photographers-hate Image source: Reddit This photographer had a great, funny idea, but stealing such an original concept feels pretty unpleasant as a professional. There’s this internal war between giving clients what they want and knowing that photography is a creative pursuit where ripping off your colleagues isn’t always acceptable. Perhaps the best thing a photographer can do in this awkward situation is use the client’s request as inspiration for something original.

2. Being Treated Like a Terrorist In Public Places

things-photographers-hateImage source: Grey Coast Media

I’m not sure who started the rumor that photographers are prime suspects for violent crimes against humanity, but police and security guards everywhere sure got the memo. Every photographer has a story about getting kicked out of a park, train station, museum, amusement park, church; the list goes on. I’ve even had people tell me as a paid photographer at a wedding venue that I wasn’t allowed to take photos during the wedding ceremony. What!?

3. Competing For Attention With Cell Phone Photographers

things-photographers-hateImage source: alfonsodetomas

As the paid photographer at a wedding or other event, having 40% of your photos ruined by guests and family stealing the attention of the people you’re photographing is immensely frustrating. Example: the entire wedding party is looking at my camera, but the groom is looking off to the side into grandma’s cell phone. That’s not the photo the couple wants to see on their mantelpiece for the next fifty years. If you’re ever a client in this situation, always remember who you paid to be there and that the best way to get your money’s worth is to get everyone on board that the big camera gets top priority.

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4. “Gorgeous photo! You must have a great camera!â€

things-photographers-hateImage source: Pawel Kadysz

I’ve spent years honing my craft and improving my skills, but this statement has the amazing ability to wipe it all away and make me look like nothing but a monkey with a magic camera.

5. “Let’s Put The Baby In This!”

things-photographers-hateImage source: Anne Geddes

Don’t get me wrong, Anne Geddes is an amazing photographer with creative talent that I will never achieve, but she pioneered a trend called “putting babies inside of random crap” that will plague photography until the end of time.

Try Something More Natural

So what’s the best thing you can put your baby in? Here’s a great answer: your arms. It turns out you can leave the baskets and burlap at the thrift store and still have an amazing, intimate newborn shoot that might not make your kid want to set the photos on fire when she’s 16. things-photographers-hate Image source: Radiant Photography

Bonus: Getting Peed On Ranks Pretty Low Too

When we’re on a newborn photo shoot, I always tell my wife and photography partner that she handles babies better than me. This is just my little trick for never getting peed on, which has happened to her several times.

6. “Can I Get All The Original RAW Photos From The Shoot?â€

I’ve lost track of the times my clients have asked (or demanded) that I present them with every single image taken during a shoot, RAW and unedited. It’s totally understandable why someone might think this is a reasonable request, so I get why they do it, but from the photographer’s perspective, it simply shouldn’t ever happen. Daniela Bowker has my favorite response to this question: things-photographers-hate Image source: vog

7. When You Edit Our Photos And Put Them On Facebook

things-photographers-hateImage source: fotopitu

First off, stop doing this (it might actually a violation of the contract you signed when you hired your photographer). Secondly, if you do it, and someone asks who took the photo, do us a favor and lie. We don’t want the credit.

8. Never Having Good Photos of Ourselves


The above is seriously the best photo my wife and I have together from our trip to Paris. Lots of people offered to take our photo, but even after careful instructions, none of them could handle the autofocus feature on my Canon 5D Mark II. Sigh…

9. When You Make Us Miss The Good Light


Want to piss off a photographer real quick? Simply show up to your shoot late and miss golden hour.

10. Terrible Photography Clichés

Some photography trends need to die. I know it’s really hard, but we need to let them go. It’s going to be ok.

That One Full Color Item In a B&W Photo

things-photographers-hateOriginal (much better) image source: Michal Bednarek

Super Crooked Photos Are So Cool!

Every new photographer does this (including me when I first started). It’s fine every now and then, but when you’re looking through a hundred photos and realize that you don’t have any straight ones, you have a problem and need to seek professional help. things-photographers-hate Image source: Aleshyn Andrei

What Drives You Nuts?

Now it’s your turn to vent. Leave a comment below and let us know what drives you crazy as a photographer. Here’s your chance to let it all out.

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Learn DSLR basics and improve your photos.
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We get it. Sometimes technical terms can make DSLR cameras seem too complicated. Download this cheatsheet and card to start your journey to better photos.

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